Matt Hardy Net Worth 2018

Who is Matt Hardy and what is his net worth 2018? Matt Hardy is a professional wrestler and also renowned as a wrestling promoter, presently signed to WWE on the brand – Raw. In his career, Hardy is greatest acknowledged for his Broken Gimmick, which is presently sealed in an ownership based legal battle through his former promotion named TNA (presently identified as GFW.) Get complete details of net worth of Matt Hardy along with his career details below:

Early Life

Hardy belonged to Cameron, located in North Carolina, recognised as the son of Gilbert and Ruby Moore. He is actually the elder brother of Jeff Hardy, who is too a wrestler and their mother passed away due to brain cancer in year 1986. In his career, Hardy played baseball games as a kid and during his high school education, but had paused by his senior year.

Matt Hardy Net Worth

Moreover, he too played football, as a line-backer or even as a defensive end. At a high school in North Carolina, he was a good student and was regarded as a nominee for “Morehead Award”. It is known that Hardy attended university at Charlotte, from where he did major in engineering. But, after a year, he dropped out as his father was ill.


Hardy, with his brother named Jeff and friends, launched their federation, named the Trampoline Wrestling Federation (briefly as TWF) and imitated the moves they perceived on television. Starting from year 1994, these brothers fought for many North Carolina-related independent based circuit promotions as well as altered many alter-egos.

Being The Wolverine, this wrestler attained the New England Wrestling Alliance (briefly as NEWA) Championship in year 1994. Later in year 1997, he with his brother made their own wrestling promotion-OMEGA, in which he contended below the title High Voltage. Before gaining stardom, Hardy served as a jobber for WWF from 1994 till he signed a full-time bsed contract in year 1998.

Apart from this, Hardy launched two character promotional articles which he was actually scheduling to apply prior he was presented a latest contract by WWE. Hardy named himself The Angelic Diablo through the tagline i.e. “the scar will become a symbol” in connection to the approach in which he had been cured by Lita as well as WWE. This wrestler appeared at one scheduled Ring of Honor (i.e. ROH) event in year 2005, in Woodbridge, where he beaten Christopher Daniels through submission in match. Moreover, Hardy too cut a short promo in which he continued in full “worked shoot” based mode, confronting WWE as well as John Laurinaitis.

It was in year 2005 that Hardy declared on his website that he was now lastly “free”, fans of wrestling had not watched the last of this wrestler. Moreover, he had a shock for the fans that supported him. After this, Hardy competed in the SmackDown! King of the Ring tournament, in this he lost match to winner named Booker T in the initial round, for this appreciation goes to a low blow as well as disruption from Sharmell.

Moreover, Hardy also got win in a non-title based match against Montel Vontavious Porter, which caused in a dispute between these two. Other than appearance in WWE, in year 2011, Hardy started his debut for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (briefly as TNA) at Genesis pay-per-view, as share of heel stable Immortal. Actually, he was the surprise wrestler for Rob Van Dam, and beaten him to avoid his opponent from getting a match for championship, held by his brother Jeff.

Net Worth of Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is a renowned name in the world of wrestling as he is a talented professional wrestler with net worth of $5.5 million. Initially, he served as a jobber for WWF from 1994 till he signed a full-time based contract. His wealth originates from his appearance mainly in WWE and TNA as well as in many circuits he appeared previously.

In wrestling, very few are unfamiliar by the name Matt Hardy as he is a dedicated and talented wrestler, winning many championships till date.