Mark Henry Net Worth

This is one man who made lots of lemonade when life gave him plenty of lemons. Mark Jerrold Henry is a man who wears many hats, going from being an Olympic wrestler and power lifter to being a famous WWE wrestler and eventually producer. Born on June 12, 1971 at Silsbee in Texas, Mark Henry is a proud American. Born to parents Ernest and Barbara Henry, he grew up with his sibling named Pat.

Mark was known to be into weightlifting ever since he was a child! He could squat around 270 kg in his freshman year at Silsbee High School alone! He was so well known in the place where he lived that, the newspaper Los Angeles Times dubbed him as the ‘the world’s strongest teenager.’ Being a triple Texas State Champion with state and national records added to his fame and glory.

Mark Henry Net Worth 2017-2018

He became the U.S National Powerlifting Champion in the year 1995. The PAN American Games saw him win all three kinds of medals. He went on to amass a lot more gory and fame as time went on. Surprisingly enough, Mark Henry is a happily married man along with Jana Henry, his wife.

His current marriage is actually the re-uniting of the old couple after having a son and going through a divorce before this. Their marriage also went on to yield a daughter and live in Austin, Texas.

The year 1996 was significant for Mark as he kicked off his career in 1996, competing against Jerry Lawler on the WWF platform. He has gained well-earned nicknames such as “The Silverback” and The World’s Strongest Man’ and many more.

He himself being diagnosed with dyslexia made his childhood a bit challenging. Mark was known to be closer to his mother and had his father pass away when he was just twelve. His mother played a large role in raising him. His Career and his personal life have been free of any kind of controversy or rumours.

He is considered to be a gentle and considerate man, which stands in stark contrast with his current involvement with WWE which deals with wrestling as a sport. He is also known to get himself involved in gameshows and charity shows as well. He does not endorse any particular brand or product or show favouritism for them.

How much is Mark Henry Net Worth in 2017

As of 2017, This amazing man has an excellent net worth of over $5 Million US dollars, drawing in a handsome salary of $1 Million a year. His work in the WWF and cameos and guest appearances keep bringing in money for him. More details can be easily found using twitter and other social media accounts. He has very good connections in the wrestling and sporting world which he uses, to keep a steady stream of work coming his way.

Mark Henry is an amazing personality who has made a fortune doing what he loves and being the icon that everybody expects him to be. He is easily reachable for comment on various social media platforms.