Mark Bell Net Worth 2018

Who is Mark Bell and what is his net worth 2018? Mark bell is a famous weightlifter and gym owner who started and owns the well-known gym, Team Super Training Gym. Mark is also a patent holder, having invented various products that are aimed at making training and weight lifting much easier and reduce chances of injury with the most famous of his inventions being the slingshot. As a weight lifter, Mark is a power lifter and he has won various powerlifting competitions. He was also a professional wrestler.

Early Life

Born in the year 1976 on the 10th of December to Sheldon Bell and Rosemary Bell, Mark was born in Poughkeepsie in New York. He has two siblings, two brothers; Chris Bell and Mike Bell. Mike Bell was a professional wrestler who appeared in the World Wrestling Federation as well as Extreme Championship Wrestling under the name Mad Dog, however, he died in the year 2008.

Mark Bell Net Worth

Chris Bell, on the other hand, is a well-known film director, producer, and writer and he produces popular documentaries such as the Bigger, Stronger, Faster documentary that featured Mark and Mike Bell in 2008. Mark married his wife, Andee Greves Bell in the year 2000 and they have two children together.

Mark Bell loved lifting weights from a young age and he actually started weight lifting at the age of 11. By the time he was 13 years old, Mark entered his first powerlifting meet. By the time Mark was through with his high school education, he was already considered as being one of the strongest powerlifters amongst teenagers in the United States of America and in various meets, he ended up holding numerous state and national records. Later on, Mark Bell trained as a boxer and he was coached by one of the most famous trainers who once trained Mike Tyson; Kevin Rooney.


In his later years after high school, he took interest in wrestling and he was known to have superior endurance in the ring, going by the name Smelly. He was the Ultimate Pro Wrestling champion twice in his wrestling career before he retired from wrestling in the year 2008. While wrestling, Mark still did powerlifting and after retiring from wrestling he started doing competitive powerlifting in the United States Power Lifting Federation and he had numerous achievements. He retired from powerlifting in the year 2014.

Over the years as a powerlifter, Mark had numerous achievements under his belt before his retirement. As a wrestler, he won the Ultimate Pro Wrestling Championship twice but as a power lifter, he had more achievements.

Mark attained Elite classification in 4 different weight categories which are the 242 lb. category, 275 lb. category, 308 lb. category and the SHW category. He has the 12th highest weight bench press of all time in the 308 lb. category having lifted 826.7 lb. He is also the 19th highest total, of all time in the 308 lb. category with a record of 2502.2 lb.

In the year 2010, Mark Bell was ranked as number one Bench Press in the United States of America in the 275 lb. category with a record of 771 lb., while in the year 2008 he was ranked number one in the single ply total in the United States of America in the 308 lb. category with a record of 2304 lb. That same year he was also ranked number one in the single ply bench press in the United States, 308 lb. category with a record of 805 lb.

Net Worth of Mark Bell

Mark Bell has his own business, a gym that is located in Sacramento and is known as Team Super Training Gym. It is regarded as being a very demanding gym and various powerlifters train there. The gym is where Mark spends most of his time currently and it has won awards such as the Powerlifting Gym of the Year with some considering it to be the strongest gym in the United States.

Mark is also an inventor, having invented a product known as the Sling Shot which helps to improve the form and execution of weightlifters when they are doing bench lifting. Other sources of funds for Mark Bell are his work as an editor, editing for the Power Magazine as well as his podcasts which he uploads every week on Wednesdays, giving tips to weight lifters as well as showing his training.

All these have earned Mark Bell a lot of money and he has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million.

Mark Bell is a well-known powerlifter who loved weight lifting from a very young age, especially after being bullied in school. He has made his wealth as a power lifter, starting his own powerlifting gym that has come to be regarded as one of the strongest gyms in the United States. He also invents products that help weight lifters to lift more efficiently as well as to avoid injuries. The father of two uses podcasts and his YouTube channel to give advice and training tips to other athletes. With a net worth of $3.5 million, he is bound to get richer through his gym and selling his products.