Kevin Owens Net Worth

Who is Kevin Owens? What is net worth of Kevin Owens? Watching something and aspiring to be the same, making all the hard work possible to reach and achieve there is what the wrestler has done. He watched the fighting on TV and with thorough determination made himself among one and is now fighting for WWE. He is none other than Kevin Owens. Kevin Steen who is popularly known as Kevin Owens is a professional wrestler from Canada.

Kevin was born in Marieville, Quebec. He got interest in wrestling when he was just 11 years old. After three years he was allowed to learn wrestling with Serge Jodoin in Quebec. His interest in wrestling was going deep day by day. The next year he started getting trained by another wrestler Jacques Rougeau and played his first match in L’Assomption, Quebec on 7th May 2000. He played for Rougeau’s promotion for four years and after than starts to wrestle in other championships. He is the present WWE Universal champion.

Kevin Owens Net Worth 2017-2018

At the early age, Kevin used to play various sports like Soccer, Hockey but had to leave the dream of having a sports career due to an injury when he was 11. He grew interest in wrestling suddenly when once he and his father were watching Wrestlemania XI fight between Shawn Michael and Diesel. His first language is French but he learned English watching RAW imitating the commenters and promos.

Kevin is living with his parents Terry Steen his father and Suzanne Steen his mother. Kevin is happily married to his girlfriend Karina Steen. The couple also have a daughter Elodie Leila and a son Owen Steen.

Kevin Owens Net Worth

Kevin’s net worth is estimated $11.4 Million US dollars as of 2017. Starting his career as a professional wrestler at a very young age, Kevin could make a lot of fortune. He is the only professional wrestler to be signed continuously for two years with WWE. He has won many big leagues which fetched him lots of fame and money. Kevin is earning every month a sum of $66,600 and his annual salary in 2016 is $800,000. Kevin is one of the highest paid wrestlers in the world. He still has a long way to improve his earnings and wealth.

Kevin Owens Assets

Kevin Owens is known to play his games for his fans. He always thought about the things to give his fans instead of earning so much for himself. Kevin never play for huge money he earns. He is following a different way to become rich with a huge fan following. Kevin never revealed about his assets till now. He is staying with his family at his hometown Quebec in their own house. With his simplicity Kevin has become a champion of fans.

Kevin Owens ’s Business Model

With his huge fan following Kevin has always played for his fans. He designs and sell t- shirts with his logo and picture upon that by designing himself to his fans. He directly deals the business without any middlemen. He learnt the business model of do it yourself merchandising from Colt Cabana he says. Along with that he owns shares and sponsorships with big wrestling product companies. He is a person who makes his every move with lots of preparations. That helped him in proving himself better with his businesses.

Starting the wrestling career at a very young age, Kevin Steen has achieved so much more for his experience. He won in his first ever match itself and the journey is still on. Kevin is the current WWE Universal Champion. He won WWE Intercontinental Championship for two years 2015 and 2016. Kevin Steen has performed for so many American promotions and most famous among them were Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Ring of Honor. He is also ROH world champion. Kevin won NXT championship in the year 2015. He also played for Combat Zone Wrestling and one time he won CZW iron man championship as well.

Kevin spoke regarding WWE Raw and promised to disturb WWE fans at Wrestle Mania. He also spoke regarding Chris Jericho and said he is going to expose Jericho in the Raw. This shows his friendship with Chris Jericho has broken and Kevin is waiting to rip him off in front of his fans. Steen was upset with Jericho because he accepted a challenge from Goldberg on Kevin’s behalf.

Kevin is a man of fortunes. From the time he started his wrestling career he has won in almost every championship. He has earned both wealth and championships in reward for his efforts. Kevin Steen still has a long way to go in the field of wrestling. His interest in wrestling is still alive as it was when he started at his fourteen. All his championships and awards are worth for the hard work he does before every match.