Jeff Hardy Net Worth

Wrestling as entertainment basically started when the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) was formed as a new avatar of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Since then, WWE has been the most popular sports-cum-entertainment show in history, all over the world. The stars of WWE enjoy celebrity status along with hefty payments per match by showcasing their skills.

Jeff Hardy, whose real name is Jeffery Nero Hardy, is one of the most famous WWE wrestling stars in recent times – alongside his brother Matt Hardy who is a professional wrestling well. He was born in North Carolina, USA; on August 31, 1977. He debuted in entertainment wrestling on October 15, 1993 and is still going strong in his field. He is also a musician, painter and singer-cum-songwriter. He is currently aged 40.

Jeff Hardy Net Worth 2017-2018

Jeff started participation in active sports such as football, basketball and even motocross racing right from high school. However, he had to rule out all the others when he was almost forced to choose wrestling after leaving school. He and his brother Matt formed their own promotion – the Organization for Modern Extreme Grappling Acts (OMEGA) before they were signed on by the WWF.

He worked as a “jobber” and “enhancement talent” before catching the eyes of WWF organizers as a Tag Team expert along with his brother (they formed “The Hardy Boyz” in 1998). They found success in chair, cage and ladder matches – which were almost extreme forms of professional brawling rather than wrestling.

Later, he also started achieving major success as a single competitor in the WWE events, especially cage and ladder matches. In 2000, The Hardy Boyz teamed up with Lita, who was a co-star as well as manager for them. In the WWE storyline, the brothers have seen Tag Team matches, single matches as well as one-on-one matches after being pitted against each other.

2000 onwards, Jeff has been participating mostly in single contender matches. He won the Light Heavyweight, Hardcore Championship as well as Intercontinental titles during his career. Jeff later shifted to TNA (Total Non-Stop Action) Wrestling shows. He debuted there on June 23, 2004 worked with the franchise for quite some time until his release from the contract in June 2006.

For the next 10 years, he kept shuttling between WWE, TNA Wrestling and the Ring of Honor franchise, before settling in WWE again. He is still a star wrestler in WWE matches and performs in different segments as the storyline demands.

How much is Jeff Hardy Net worth in 2017

Owing to his multifaceted talents and as a result of working with different wrestling entertainment franchises, Jeff Hardy has a net worth over a few millions! His current net worth stands at $13 million US dollars as of 2017. Having won an impressive total of 22 World Championship titles in the professional wrestling entertainment arena, Jeff Hardy has accumulated quite a fortune. He is still an active wrestler and entertainer, with an increasing net worth.

In the world of professional wrestling, Jeff Hardy is a very prominent name, with a long way still to go in his career. WWE has seen wrestlers performing even at ages above 60, so he can be expected to carry on for quite some time. With a net worth above millions and talents in multiple areas, he will surely have a net worth which deserves admiration by the time he retires.