Frankie Edgar Net Worth 2019

Who is Frankie Edgar and what is his net worth 2019? Frankie Edgar is a known mixed martial artist. His actual name is Frank James Edgar. He was born in New Jersey in the year 1981. His parents are Mary and Frank Annese. Edgar started wresting at a very early age. First he wrestled at Toms River High School East. He made it to the State Championship as well. He is the oldest son of the three children. Edgar’s mother is an Italian and he has some German roots as well because his father is a German.


Edgar is assistant coach at the Rutgers University. He has had a fantastic career as a mixed martial artist. Frankie Edgar is married to Renee Edgar. He has two sons from his wife Santino and Francisco. He is still going strong with his spouse Renee Edgar. He is happily married and has two beautiful sons. He got married in the year 2008 and has no record of second marriage.

Frankie Edgar Net Worth

He earned his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu. He was also a featured fighter in the True Life – I am a Mixed Martial Artist. There has been no major controversy and Edgar has played fairly. There is a reason behind him being called THE ANSWER.

Net Worth of Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar is not a new name. He was trained by the world’s finest trainer and today he is one of the finest players we have. He is a former UFC Lightweight Champion. The estimated net worth of Frankie Edgar is $2.2 million. There had been a lot of demand for Frankie Edgar. He is very famous and he was trained by very famous trainers as well. His trainers have played a major role in his success in the field of mixed martial art.

He is currently ranked as number 2 in the UFC Lightweight Champion. His fans and people who know him also refer to him as THE ANSWER. He is a very popular personality. Edgar has made several records. He has won many championships. He is one of the most wanted mixed martial artist. He has worked really hard to reach where he is.

Frankie Edgar’s accomplishments is a long list. In the year 2012, he was in the Fight of the Year. At the UFC, he won the UFC Lightweight Championship once. He has won fight of the night seven times. He has won knockout of the night once. He has many accomplishments under his name. He has lost very few times. Victory was always his whenever he was in the championship.

Frankie Edgar has been trained by the finest trainers in the world. Most of the credit goes to them for training him brilliantly. The trainers are – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Ricardo Almeida, Renzo Grazie. Mark Henry and Steve Reviera have also been his trainers for boxing and wrestling. Kru Phil Nurse taught him Muay Thai. Frankie Edgar is still active in his field.

Frankie Edgar has signed a six fight deal with UFC. Edgar will be fighting with Rodriguez at the UFC 211 on this May 13th in in Texas. Frankie Edgar is still in the game and he is active. He competes in the UFC as a featherweight. His fans still call him THE ANSWER and his career is going well.

Frankie Edgar is happily married and he has two wonderful sons. He does not plan to retire soon. Everybody is waiting for the next fight between Edgar and Rodriguez. We will find out who wins. The match is in May and so we do not have to wait for a long time.

Frankie Edgar is a well known mixed martial artist and we all respect his skills. He is here to stay and he is definitely a keeper. We wish him all the luck in his field of mixed martial art. May he win all the future championships and set new records to break.