Eva Marie Net Worth

Who is Eva Marie and what is her net worth 2018? All kinds of sports require fitness. Some of them such as wrestling require extreme fitness levels. Professional wrestlers therefore hire fitness trainers to look after their bodies. However, professional wrestler Eva Marie does not require the need of a fitness trainer because she is a fitness model herself.

Born on 19 September 1984 in Walnut Creek, California, Eva Marie is a multi-talented personality. She is a professional actor, wrestler, fitness model and professional wrestling manager, all rolled into one. Eva Marie is her ring name. Her original name is Natalie Marie Nelson. She is famous for her performances in the Smack Down version of the World Wrestling Entertainment. Before becoming a wrestler, she was a good soccer player having played for the California State University, Fullerton.

Eva Marie Net Worth

On finishing her education, she enrolled with the WWE in 2013. After the mandatory training at the WWE Performance Center, she took part in the E!’s reality show, ‘Total Divas’. She made her roster debut with RAW. She became the manager of the Bella Twins team. Everyone knows that there are many behind-the-scenes acts in the WWE. She has been part of many such acts. Many a time, she has been the victim as well. One such act made her turn against the Bella twins. She used to participate in the six-woman tag team matches.

She left WWE for a brief period of three months after which she made faced Alicia Fox in her first match on Smack Down. She started concentrating on tag team matches. She then made her debut at the Wrestlemania XXX in the 14-Diva match won by A J Lee.

She had her share of injuries in the WWE. When she was very young, she had breast augmentation. In one of her WWE matches, she injured her breast breaking the silicone implants causing the silicone to leak into her bloodstream. She had to undergo hospitalisation.

She then turned her attention to the NXT version fighting and defeating wrestlers of the caliber of Cassie, Carmella, and Billie Kay. She qualified for the #1 contender match. She lost the match to Carmella. That was her last appearance at the NXT.

She returned to the RAW main roster in 2016. At present, she is in a hiatus because of a suspension order in force for violating the rules of the WWE.

On the personal front, she married Jonathan Coyle. She had her issues with under age alcohol abuse.

Education: One expects the wrestlers to have less education. This is not true in the case of Eva Marie. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from the California State University, Fullerton. She used to represent the college in soccer as well. She has an associate degree from the Diablo Valley College.

Eva Marie Net Worth

Eva Marie has a net worth of $2.5 million. Considering the amount of money involved in professional wrestling, this amount of $2.5 million should be acceptable. In addition, she is an actor, fitness model as well as a professional wrestling manager. She earns a salary of around $200,000 per year. Hence, her net worth should be in the range mentioned above. She has business connections too, having launched her own fashion line, NEM. She has collaborated with Bellami hair to launch her hair extensions, Testa Rossa.

You can expect Eva Marie to have all the assets one needs for a happy life. However, she names her husband as her biggest asset. This is a refreshing trend because we see affairs galore in the US culture. It is very difficult to find a one-man woman in the present day US.

A successful professional wrestler, Eva Marie has an attractive figure. He bewitching eyes make her the envy of many. She is a successful actor as well. She has done many commercials. She is an active businessperson with her own hairstyle extensions and fashion line. However, she is more famous as a WWE Diva.

At present she in under a hiatus because she is serving a suspension sentence for having flouted the rules of the WWE. She is otherwise very much active on the WWE scene.

WWE is an entertainment sport. You need people like Eva Marie to cheer up the surrounding and provide the glamour quotient. With her well-sculpted body, she can give many wrestlers a huge inferiority complex. She has had a successful wrestling career until date.