Donald Cerrone Net Worth

Who is Donald Cerrone? What is net worth of Donald Cerrone? There are various wrestling and fighting championships in the world. Many people consider the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) circuit as the genuine ones. Hence, most of the boxers and wrestlers at the UFC command respect in fighting circles. One such kick boxer professional is Donald Cerrone. Born on 29 March 1983, Donald Anthony Cerrone is of Italian descent settled in the US. Hence, he represents the US in the UFC. He is a martial arts expert competing in the UFC’s Welterweight and Lightweight categories.

Belonging to the erstwhile World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) faction, he moved over to the UFC on the merger of the former into the latter in October 2010. Donald did not have an easy childhood. He was diagnosed with (ADD) Attention Deficit Disorder at a young age. His parents divorced when he was quite young thereby forcing him to live with his grandparents. Naturally, he was a troublesome fellow, getting involved in street brawls, etc.

Donald Cerrone Net Worth 2017-2018

He started his fighting career very early in life. He had an early initiation to taekwondo and kickboxing. In his school life, he had an impeccable record in taekwondo. He continued in the same vein after turning professional as well. His expertise in both these disciplines made him choose the mixed martial arts.

Every fighter requires a sponsor to take care of his fights and expenses. Cerrone had several sponsors such as Budweiser, Bad Boy Buggies, Bell Helicopters, etc. The company KHI Management LLC used to manage his affairs.

Beginning his career at a gym in Colorado, he trained with skilled MMA fighters. He even managed to feature in a television series, Tapou T. His first foray in the professional fighting arena was with the WEC. He won his first fight inside one minute. However, he tested positive for a banned drug thereby resulting in the annulment of the result.

He had a fruitful career with the WEC prompting the WEC to feature him in all the seasons. In 2010, the WEC merged into the UFC taking all its registered fighters along with it. He had a good outing here as well gaining a reputation of being a mean fighter capable of finishing his bouts quickly.

On the personal front, he is into a serious relationship with Lindsay Sheffield. They have not yet married, but you never know. The incident can happen at any time.

Education: Donald had ADD quite early in his life. However, he attended the Air Academy High School in Denver, Colorado. He developed an interest in bull riding sometime around this time. He had an interest in martial arts as well. His career started taking shape from the school level itself.

Donald Cerrone Net Worth

His net worth is around $7 million US dollars as of 2017. It shows the breakup of his income on an annual basis. However, considering the income from UFC as well as from endorsement deals, we can accept the former figure to be correct. Considering that fighters in the UFC do not fight more than four to five fights in a year, this income is acceptable. They have to spend a lot of time in training and nursing injuries sustained during fights. Donald had a terrible eye injury recently.

Donald Cerrone Assets

Donald’s parents divorced when he was very young. Hence, he had to spend a major part of his childhood with his grandparents. They are his biggest assets. With a net worth of around $7 million US dollars, he must have all the material assets necessary for a comfortable living.

Donald Cerrone Business Model

Fighters have to maintain high levels of fitness in order to give their best. They have to be careful with their diet and medications. Hence, they require a full-time manager to take care of these aspects. There are many companies engaged in such activities. One such company, KHI management LLC coordinates the affairs of Donald Cerrone. He has various sponsors to take care of his expenses.

He is still active in the UFC league. He reached a career high peak of # 10 in the UFC Lightweight rankings. In the Welterweight division, he holds the # 5 rank today. His competitors consider him as a tough opponent any time.

Fighting is a dangerous sport. It requires a lot of skill and luck to stay fit for a long time. Donald Cerrone is certainly a fit fighter. He has a great record of winning matches through knockouts and submissions. Many of his opponents fear his tenacity. He has won the Fight of the Night honors a couple of times in his career.