Dominick Cruz Net Worth 2018

Who is Dominick Cruz and what is his net worth 2018? Any sport involving body-contact can be dangerous. Boxing and wrestling are two such dangerous sports. They can cause grievous injuries to the players. In spite of these risks, people do take up these sports for a living. Dominick Cruz is one such American mixed martial artist.

Early Life

Born on 09 March 1985, Dominick Rojelio Cruz is a champion in his own right. His parents divorced when he was very young. His mother took him along with his siblings. Belonging to Tucson, Arizona, he has won two UFC Bantamweight Championships. He has also won the WEC bantamweight championship before its merger with the UFC.

Dominick Cruz Net Worth

Known in the fighting circles as an innovative fighter, Dominick is very swift and capable to attack his opponents from the most impossible of angles. This trait makes him a fearsome boxer. However, the same traits make him injury prone as well. After winning the world championships for two years in a row, he missed out an entire year due to injury before making a comeback with another win in the 2011 UFC Bantamweight Championship.

In fact, fighting was not his first love at school. He wanted to become a soccer player. Accidentally, he stepped into the boxing ring. The wrestling coach spotted him while he had come for his soccer trials and convinced him to become a wrestler. However, he credits his mother for strengthening his resolve to become a wrestler. In fact, she threw him out of her house for hosting a party in the house at the age of 19.


Starting out as an amateur wrestler while still at school, he displayed that he had the talent. Subsequently, he turned professional in 2005 in the MMA category. The WEC was the next destination. He had a fruitful career with the WEC winning the bantamweight championship in 2010. On the merger of the WEC with the UFC, he had to prove his worth against the UFC champion, Scott Jorgenson. This was the only UFC title fight to take place outside the UFC. Dominick Cruz defeated Jorgenson to retain the title.

A spate of injuries forced him to stay away from the sport for a couple of years resulting in the stripping of his title. Hungry to get back his title, he started training with additional vigor. He regained the UFC bantamweight championship in 2016.

On the personal front, he is rumoured to be in a relationship with Kenda Perez. However, Dominick has stated in many interviews that his mother is the only woman he knows and adores.

Education: Dominick Cruz grew up with his mother in Tucson. He attended his high schooling in Flowing Wells High School in Tucson, AZ. He started doing amateur wrestling while at school. On finishing his high school, he graduated into the big stage directly.

Net Worth of Dominick Cruz

He has an estimated net worth of $1.6 million. Cruz is in the MMA scene since 2005 on a continuous basis barring the injury break for around two years from 2012. He has a good record of winning most of his bouts in knockouts and submissions. His unique style of fighting ensures that the fights do not stretch very long. He has an impeccable MMA record of 22 wins in 23 matches. This is an enviable feat.

His mother is his biggest asset. He has stated in many interviews that he would do anything to satisfy his mother. He adores her a lot. She is the main source of inspiration behind his success in the fighting arena.

Prior to becoming a MMA fighter, Cruz worked as a valet driver with a restaurant. He had a stint as a Customer Service Representative with a reputed organisation. He had also trained to be a firefighter before entering the boxing ring to fight people.

Fighting is a tough job. Dominick Cruz makes it even tougher with his unique style of fighting. His capacity to land punches from impossible angles makes him a dangerous fighter. This explains his three Championship wins over the last decade. With age on his side, you can expect him to win much more.