Dean Ambrose Net Worth

Who is Dean Ambrose and what is his net worth 2018? They say, Challenges make you hard and the same scenario did fit for the Wrestling Champion. Being a Wresting fan himself and grown up in rough childhood, he engrossed himself in Wrestling field by watching shows, reading books etc. Called as the Lunatic Fringe of WWE, he is none other than Dean Ambrose. Born as Jonathan Good in Cincinnati in Ohio, Jon grew up in public housing with not so good childhood. His father used to be away at work and he faced several problems with his father not being on his side.

As a teenager, Jon inclined in the wrestling industry. In his initial days he was not wrestling himself, as he was not 18, so till 18 he sold popcorn and set up the ring working for Heartland Wrestling Association events. He idolised Bret Hart in wrestling industry and wanted to be the same. Jon dropped out from his high school to move further in wrestling industry.

Dean Ambrose Net Worth 2018-2019

Jon is dating WWE announcer Renee Paquette who is known by the stage name of Renee Young. Jon is very close to his mother but not to his father.

Dean Ambrose Net Worth

Dean Ambrose has net worth of $6.5 Million. Jonathan entered the Wrestling Industry as Wrestler. He has been fighting with several names in wrestling industry and finally joined Florida Wrestling and then entered WWE. This lunatic Wrestler gained name and fame shortly earning huge incomes. His major source of income comes from salary from WWE. Dean has been winning yearly bonus of $2,50,000. He remained Champion Wrestler for almost a year (351 days) increasing his market value in wrestling industry.

Dean is basically from Ohio but now he resides in Las Vegas with his girlfriend Renee. Dean’s most cherishable moment was when he was able to buy house for his mother far away from his rough childhood phase in Cincinnati.

With his stint on Heartland Wrestling Association as Jon Moxley, for 6 years, Dean was able to win World Heavyweight Championship as well as Tag team matches. Dean made team with 2 other wrestlers and became member of The Shield. They made various attacks on many of the wrestlers and proved to be one of the best tag teams in WWE. The turning point came when Dean Ambrose won WWE United States Championship in 2013. He then went on to win intercontinental Championship from Kevin Owens in 2015. Ambrose has been able to qualify for various main events like Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, Money In Bank and many more.

After Dean worked with HWA, he left it to work with independent agencies and did independent fights as well. Jonathan then worked with Dragon Gate USA, Ring of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling. After his brief stints in all, Dean signed a contract with WWE in 2011.In 2012 he got to appear in fights for RAW and Smackdown. He became the member of The Shield alongside Co wrestler Roman Reigns and Seth Rollings. Apart from wrestling, Dean has been part of a film called, 2 Rounds 3: Lockdown.

Dean has been known to be the most unpredicted Wrestler in WWE and his competitors term him to be unstable. His matches against his own Shield mates, Seth Rollings and Roman Reigns have been most liked by the fans. In the year 2014 and 2015, Dean was named as the most popular Wrestler of the year.

Dean Ambrose is one Wrestler who has been wrestling from 18 years of age. In fact he has been among the wrestlers who had the most fights. In 2015, Dean Ambrose fought in 218 matches which was nearly same in 2016 with 204 matches. Starting this year, till now Ambrose has already fought in 35 matches. In fact he has been holding the World Heavyweight Champion for 351 days after he won in 2013. He is currently in ruckus with wrestler Baron Corbin. Dean is going strong with his girlfriend from 3 years now.

With so much of rough days in his lives, Dean has been able to come up with so much in his life. He has achieved so much in his Wrestling career and has been termed as an asset to WWE. He has been dominant in many of his matches and is no 1 contender in WWE. His wrestling persona is not termed to be fake as his real life had been tough.