David Otunga Net Worth

Who is David Otunga and what is his net worth 2018? David Otunga is a retired professional wrestler, lawyer and actor. Currently he signed with WWE Raw brand as a commentator. He became a two-times WWE Tag team champion and runner-up on the first season of NXT.

Otunga is the youngest children of his parents Moses and Billie.Both his parents are educator.He was born in April 7,1980 in Elgin. In 1998 he completed his high school from Larkin with 5.2 GPA.From the University of Illinois Otunga earned a bachelor degree in psychology.He became a laboratory manager in Columbia University’s Cognitive Neuroscience Center,New York. By passing Illinois’ bar exam he graduated from Harvard law school.After graduated from Harvard law school, he joined Sidley Austin, who is one of America’s Great lawyer.He worked with Sidley Austin for a couple of years. After 2007 he started his carrier as an Actor and later he join wrestling.

David Otunga Net Worth 2018-2019

Otunga proposed Jennifer Hudson on her 27th birthday. Jennifer Hudson is a singer and actress in Hollywood. In April 2012, David Otunga married Jennifer Hudson. The couple has a son named David Daniel Otunga Jr.He helped a Haitian refugee to fulfil his dream by bring him to the stage of WrestleMania.

Otunga started his carrier from a TV show named I LOVE NEW YORK 2 and there he given a nick name “PUNK”.He became a finalist in that show. He worked in a thriller film “THE CALL” in 2013.In the episodes of General hospital he made a guest appearance of him self.In 2008, Otunga became apart of World Wrestling Entertainment. He assigned to the development territory in Florida Championship Wrestling.

In a six-man Tag Team match he made his debut as Dawson Alexander.From 2010-2011 he is the member of Nexus. After that he is the legal adviser for WWE from 2011-2015. Otunga returned to television and replaced Alex Riley as one of the hosts of the weekly Raw pre-show on the WWE Network in February 2,2015. Otunga left his position on the Raw pre-show panel in 2016. In one of the show of Smack Down,Otunga replace Jerry Lawler and joined the commentary team for a temporary period. He is continuing as the commentator on the Raw brand of WWE.

David Otunga Net Worth

David Otunga is a professional wrestler, lawyer, and actor who has a net worth of $11 million. His earning mostly from WWE wrestling.He has been a wrestler for 6 years and commentator of WWE raw brand. He worked in a couple of movies and tv show.He received the Slammy Award for two times. Among 500 singles wrestlers PWI ranked him #84.

David Otunga started his career as an actor but he wanted to be a stunt director.He followed his dream and trained him self and now he is a famous WWE wrestler. From a Harvard law college graduate to a WWE wrestler his life take so much of twist and turns but he listen to him self and achieve success. So never give up,follow your dream success will follow you.