Bill Goldberg Net Worth

Who is Bill Goldberg and what is his net worth 2018? Bill Goldberg is a popular wrestler who is known as Goldberg in WWE. He is considered as one of the most popular wrestlers of the 90s. He has featured for both World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). In WCW, he had the undefeated streak of competition which is considered as one of the longest in professional wrestling. He is only one of the three persons to hold WCW World Heavyweight Championship, WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and WWE Universal Championship. In a career of two decades, Goldberg has accumulated a fortune for himself.

Bill Goldberg was born on December 27, 1966, as William Scott Goldberg. He was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His father Jed was a doctor and his mother Ethel is a violinist. Goldberg’s mother also used to breed flowers and created an award winning hybrid orchid which was named after Goldberg. His parents got divorced and his mother died in 2006. Goldberg’s brother Michael owns a music club in Aspen, Colorado.

Bill Goldberg Net Worth 2018-2019

As a child, he loved football and at age 16 he was a bouncer. He earned a scholarship to play football in the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team. In the 1990 NFL season, he played for the Los Angeles Rams and then he joined the Atlanta Falcons from 1992 to 1994. His career in the NFL was ended when he tore his lower abdomen. When he was recuperating with his NFL injury, he began to train in mixed martial arts and powerlifting. It was then he came to the notice of Sting and Lex Luger.

In 2005, Bill Goldberg married Wanda Ferraton with whom he has one son named Gage. Ferraton is stunt double and they met while filming ‘Santa’s Slay’. The family resides in Bonsall, California. Bill Goldberg has an enormous tribal tattoo in his left shoulder and a skull on his right biceps.

Goldberg was approached to professional wrestling by Luger and Sting. Although he didn’t like wrestling, he took it as an alternate career and started to train at the WCW Power Plant. In June 1997, he made an appearance in Monday Nitro and defeated Buddy Lee Parker. In his debut match, he defeated Hugh Morrus. Fans were captivated by his performance and then he made his first pay-per-view match where he defeated Steve McMichael. He had a 74 match winning streaks during 1997-98. He became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Hollywood Hogan in July 1998.

He was seen in the 1999 film Universal Soldier: The Return with Jean-Claude Van Damme. In March 2003, Goldberg joined a one year contract with WWE. In his debut match in ‘Backlash’, he defeated The Rock. In September 2003, he defeated Triple H to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In WrestleMania XX, he defeated Brock Lesnar where Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special guest referee. After his return to WWE in 2016, he again defeated Lesnar at the Survivor Series. On March 5, 2017, Goldberg defeated Kevin Owens to win the WWE Universal Championship.

Goldberg was named as the Rookie of the Year in 1998. He also won the Comeback of the Year in 2016. Apart from being the heavyweight champion, he has also won the WCW Tag Team Championship and the WCW United States Championship. He was ranked at No. 2 in the best 500 singles wrestler in 1998.

Bill Goldberg Net Worth

Bill Goldberg has had a wonderful career both in wrestling and in football. Bill Goldberg’s estimated net worth is $15 million. He used to make $2.5 million a year during his wrestling career. Thanks to his winning streak and power performance that the 50-year-old has been able to accrue this wealth. Apart from wrestling, he owes his fortune to movies and other businesses. He has starred in over 13 movies and has also made appearances in various TV series. He co-owns the Extreme Power Gym Muay Thai. Goldberg also owns over 25 vintage cars. His mansion in Bonsall, California is around $3.5 million.

Apart from earning, Bill Goldberg is also fond of philanthropy. For the wounded warriors of South Florida, he teamed up with Uncle Louie to create a program called Combat Crate. He is a spokesman for American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and regularly visits children in local hospitals who are undergoing cancer treatments.