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Austin Matelson is an American professional wrestler as well as a renowned television personality. Get the through information of Matelson’s career, earnings, education, deals, and recent updates from following content:

Austin Matelson Biography and Family

Austin Matelson was born on March 10, 1985 in Woodland Hills, California, US and he serves in Lucha Underground as Vibora. Matelson had four sisters; all of them were younger than him. Matelson was contracted to WWE where he wrestled by the ring name- Judas Devlin in NXT. This wrestler also remained as a houseguest on the popular reality competition entitled Big Brother 17. In this tough competition, Matelson was placed at 5th position. Talking about his interests, Matelson loves gymnastics, wrestling, yoga, reading, writing, cheerleading at the same time as pilates. Matelson is basically Christian by religion, and he is an American by nationality, belongs to white origin. He decided about becoming a professional wrestler when he visited WWE NXT’s weekend shows arranged in his city.

Austin Matelson Net Worth 2017-2018

In year 2012, Matelson contracted a developmental agreement with WWE and was diverted for training at FCW where he was provided the ring name known as Judas Devlin. In the same year, Matelson made his FCW debut collaboration with Corey Graves beating CJ Parker and Briley Pierce. FCW was retitled NXT and Devlin was moved to the latest development brand, where he performed in matches majorly in house shows. In his matches, Matelson was released after a painful spinal wound.

In year 2015, some former NXT trainees previously were working inside WWE system supposed misconduct by head trainer named Bill DeMott, with Matelson as well as Brandon Traven. They were publicizing criticisms which they requested they had stand up to WWE organization about DeMott back in year 2013. It was when they were still working with WWE along with Matelson.

In the meantime, other ex-trainees namely Derrick Bateman, Briley Pierce, and wrestler named Terra Calaway also did allegations in year 2015, while preceding claims made in year 2013 by Chase Donovan and Chad Baxter were also registered. They suspect DeMott of making trainees perform unsafe drills, substantially assaulting and hounding trainees, using racial slurs and homophobic amongst other critical terms.

Education: Austin Matelson possesses a master’s degree in medieval literature. In year 2010, this wrestler gained graduation degree from the California State University having completed Master’s Degree in History. Matelson has once stated that his Hippie parents didn’t permit him to go to school before he was promoted in the 8th standard. He was basically an average student in his class and was very keen in sports as well was proficient in several of those containing gymnastics, wrestling, yoga, etc.

Austin Matelson Net Worth in year 2017 is approximately $2.8 Million US Dollars

The projected total net-worth of wrestler-Austin Matelson is around $2.8 million US dollars in year 2017. Matelson’s net worth is agreeably profited from the Big Brother salary, in which he performed as a wrestler. Major source of Matleson’s income originates from his collaboration with WWE, fighting various matches there as a wrestler. Apart from this, as he won many tough championships, Matelson’s income is likely to rise.

Austin Matelson Business Model

In year 2012, Austin Matelson signed a contract with WWE and was joined for training at FCW after which he played under the ring name Judas Devlin. In year 2015, Matelson performed as a contestant in the 17th season of famous Big Brother shows. In this, Matelson was expelled during the twelfth week and positioned at fifth place.

While Matelson was performing in the Big Brother house, he started began a relationship with Liz Nolan. Both of them continued to date for around five months prior breaking up in year 2016. Big Brother 17 alum named Liz Nolan and Matelson have formally finished their five-plus month short-lived romance. Recently, Liz was active to social media and clarified that they are now not together; though, they will remain friends.
In May 2016, Matelson through the ring name -Vibora started his Lucha Underground debut as a share of the Snake Tribe firm.

Austin Matelson is now an experienced wrestler as he showed his excellent performance in most of his wrestling matches. Matelson rose to fame mainly through his collaboration with WWE.