A.J. Styles Net Worth

Who is A.J. Styles and what is his net worth 2018? A.J. Styles is a well-known American wrestler who got world recognition for his wrestling performance in the WWE smack down slot. His energised and enthusiastic wrestling power made him popular among people. The audiences enjoy his fighting power with his opponents. Through his brilliant performance, he was entitled as the WWE Champion and has earned a huge net worth which is highly noteworthy. The net worth of A.J. Styles is undoubtedly worthy of his achievement in life.

Allen Neal Jones who is formerly known as A.J. Styles is an American by birth and was born on 2nd June 1977 in Georgia in the United States. He did his schooling from ‘Johnson High School’. But he had a very tough and difficult childhood with his father. A.J. Styles father was addicted to alcoholism and used to beat him terribly.

A.J. Styles Net Worth 2018-2019

After sometime later, he enrolled himself in a wrestling school where he used to learn the different skills and forms of wrestling to become a professional wrestler one day. He didn’t get much support from his father both financially and mentally so to support his learning he used to work as an ambulance driver and cleaning lawns as to support his income.

In 2000, Allen got hitched to his long time girlfriend ‘Wendy’ who is a school teacher by profession. They together have three sons Ajay Covell Jones, Albey Jones, and Avery Jones and one daughter Anney Jones.

A.J. Styles started his first wrestling career in Georgia with the National Championship in 1998. But didn’t perform well and lost the match against his opponent wrestler.

In 2002, Styles appeared in the WWA and win a major victory against Jerry Lynn.

Styles gradually appeared in another set of wrestling events such as ‘TNA X Division Championship’, ‘ROH World Championship’, ‘Global Championship’, and much more.

Due to his brilliant performance in wrestling, he won several awards and recognition from the wrestling industry. He has earned those prestigious titles with hard work and tough labour. He has earned this title with his own self-effort.

In 2016, Styles got his biggest major break in wrestling career where he finally joined the world famous WWE.

The most awaited and precious moment in Styles life when got the prestigious title of ‘WWE Heavy Weight Title’ for the first time in his entire wrestling career from the WWE organisation. It was an honourable moment for him to receive such reputable award for his performance.

Styles have been also involved with ‘IWGP Heavyweight Championship’.

Apart from his wrestling performance, Styles have appeared in various television, video games, web series, and music videos as well.

Styles have achieved numerous awards and achievement throughout his wrestling career. To name a few:

1. AAW Heavyweight Championship
2. IPW Heavyweight Championship
3. IWR King of The Indies Championship
4. NKPWA Junior Heavyweight Championship
5. WWE Championship
6. WWE United States Championship
7. ROH Pure Championship
8. TNA X Division Championship
9 RPW British Heavyweight Championship
10. Max-Pro Cruiserweight Championship

A.J. Styles Net Worth

Styles has been an over enthusiastic wrestling player who has achieved glorious success and world recognition through his performance and style. He had a very difficult and struggling career and yet he overcomes those issues and rose into rising wrestler for the WWE championship. This results in his highest profile income with huge net profit as a world championship wrestler. His total net worth is about $7 million.

Styles is a man of versatility and pro activity for wrestling performance. He has maintained his career in wrestling in a peak height with remarkable recognition from the world audiences. He is a true inspiration for many youths and wrestling performers.