A.J. Styles Net Worth

Who is A.J. Styles and what is his net worth 2018? A boy with a tortured childhood, abusive father and had grown up seeing poverty only, has made himself independent enough to be called as the World Heavyweight Champion. Now a champion once did not even had a Cable TV to watch Professional wrestling back in childhood days. The champion is none other than, A J Styles. Born and brought up in North Caroline, A J styles finished his early schooling from Johnson High School in Georgia.

He joined a college in Anderson on partial Wrestling Scholarship but soon left it to learn Professional wrestling. He did not have much money so to learn wrestling at wrestling school, he used to earn by moving lawns and being an ambulance driver.

A.J. Styles Net Worth

Allen Neal Jones popularly known by his ring name of A.J. Styles is happily married to Wendy, a schoolteacher. Their twenty years of marriage have 4 children – 3 sons named, Ajay Covell Jones, Avery Jones and Albey Jones whereas a beautiful daughter named Anney Jones. A.J is very much attached to his family and has a tattoo on his torso having all the dates when his children were born. A.J is very faithful to his religion and is sheer devotee of Christian.

A.J. Styles Net Worth

A.J. Styles have net worth of $5.5 Million. A.J Styles started his career with WCW and then joined TNA. His contract had a fixed income of $200K-$250K plus the bonus earned on merchandised. Later when he had some real good fights and became well known, his contract was renewed at $350K- $390K long with percentage share on earn on merchandises. But then he broke the 12 year run with TNA as he was not getting what was stated. He then became an independent agent and worked with Japanese Promotion Company and got IWGP Heavyweight championship resulting into all time high brand name.

A.J Styles owns a house in Gainesville in Georgia where he resides with his wife and four children. A.J Styles is a Video game addict and always carry a gaming briefcase with him so that in free time he can play. He owns Nintendo 3DSand Xbox. His merchandises are available on WWE website and at some other stores as well.

A.J Styles apart from wrestling has always connected to his audiences with various other mediums. He launched a DVD in 2003 named, Evolution of Phenom: The Best Of A.J. Styles and the consecutive year he released another DVD named, The Phenomenon continues: The Best of A.J Style Vol 2. A.J helped TNA to release their Wrestling Video Game, TNA Impact. For TV appearance, Styles had been on MTV; s show Made where he helped a high schooler be a professional wrestler. Styles did feature in music video “Something to Do with your hands”.

A. J. Styles though wanted to be professional Footballer, with influence of his friends joined professional wrestling and so landed contract with WCW. He then had 12 years of Contract with TNA where he won several matches, championships and was termed to be the best wrestler TNA could ever produce. After being disrespectful from TNA, A.J. Styles fought independently along with Japanese promotion company and earned Heavyweight Championship defeating Brock Lesnar. He was part of NJPW before he officially joined WWE in 2016. 2016 had been best years for A.J. Styles as in Backlash 2016; he defeated the then WWE heavyweight champion Dean Ambrose to be the one.

A.J. Styles has been in extreme good phase in terms of fights he is having. He has defeated big names in Wrestling Industry like John Cena, Brock Lesnar and many more. The last Smack down show, A. J. Styles rushed in to Shane McMahon back stage and attacked him brutally. After the incident, Daniel Bryan, the general manger fired him from Smack down but at the end, Shane McMahon declared a match between A.J and him at Wrest mania 33.

A.J. Styles have the perfect story from Rags to Riches. He might not be rich enough but pertaining to his situation in his childhood living in poverty, he has earned himself huge fortunes but more than that have earned huge name in wrestling industry. He is global superstar/wrestler. It has been 19 years he is into wrestling industry but his experience has made him even stronger though his stint at WWE started late but in his debut year itself he smashed down some of the great wrestlers and have much more potential to be the next star of WWE.