Torey Pudwill Net Worth

Who is Torey Pudwill? What is net worth of Torey Pudwill? American iconic skateboarder Torey Pudwill is no stranger to the masses, the 27-year-old power house who elegantly magnetizes you with his passion for soaring higher and elevating further and traveling longer with his skateboard was born in Simi Valley California on May 2.

“T-Puds” as he is affectionately called was raised in the company of his parents in California. He is known to be friends with prominent artists such as Lil Wayne and Danny Way.

Torey Pudwill Net Worth 2017-2018

Torey Pudwill is a renowned name in the field of Skateboard; he is a professional ‘street skateboarder’ from America. He was born in Simi Valley of California on May 02 in the year 1990. He is a born athlete; when he was just 6 years of age he started skating, after observing other elders from his hometown he started trying some tricks with his skateboard. After practicing and getting invested with passion, he became one of the finest in playing those tricks.

He started skating professionally when he was a teenager and that gave him such eminence that he has been highlighted in the Skatelab, which is an open skate park, located in Simi Valley of California. The owner Todd Huber of Skatelab told that Pudwill had more than 115 accidents. He was only 13 when he joined Skatelab located in his hometown with his best friend, Arturo. Before collecting such fame he made many videos about his skating tricks.

Education: Little is said about Torey’s education status. He is best known for his pure skateboarding talent.

Torey Pudwill Net Worth

Torey Pudwill’s total net worth ranges $2.5 million US dollars in the year 2017. He is endorsed by multiple companies such as Red bull Nixon watches and Diamond supply as well as his own entrepreneurial projects that contribute to his multi-income streak. With the passage of time he has been spotted on various podiums and enjoys fame, he won Crowns at Matix Lord of the Lines, the Copenhagen Pro, the Maloof Money Cup and The Tampa. He has also won a bronze medal against Brazil in Street League’s X Games, where he gave debut in the year 2013.

Torrey Pudwill Assets

He lives in Los Angeles and he owns a house that is more like an open Skate Park depicting a modern bungalow with an aura of wealth in it. He does not have any extensive cars collection but he has the world’s most dreamed car Mercedes-Benz E350 Sedan, which has a worth of more than 50,000 dollars.

Torey Pudwill Business Model

His insatiable drive to fulfill his purpose makes everything he touches turn into gold; from an early age, the raw street style skate boarder had an entrepreneurial flair and sense. From as early as 12 years old he established Grizzly Grip tape a brand whose core focus was about accessories. He was also involved in the formation of Diamond footwear, a skate brand company.

The other renowned brands ‘Alien Workshop’, ‘CCS’ and ‘Matrix’ also belongs to him. He also represents many famous brands like Redbull, Nixon Watches, Plan-B Skateboards, Bones Bearings, Diamond Supply and Footwear Co, Venture Trucks, Happy Hour, Ghetto Child Wheels, Loud and Grizzly Grip.

Torey is only 26 years old but he has tremendous past as an entrepreneur, from a street skateboarding person to a businessman;. He is also known with the nickname T-Puds, he considers skateboard as his discipline and he was awarded as ‘Best Street Skater’ in the year 2011 when he was barely 21 years of age. He also represents many famous brands like Redbull, Nixon Watches, Plan-B Skateboards, Bones Bearings, Diamond Supply and Footwear Co, Venture Trucks, Happy Hour, Ghetto Child Wheels, Loud and Grizzly Grip.

Flat bar frenzy part 4 is his latest work of art and magic, having survived from a serious injury that he incurred last year, Pudwill has released 6 minutes of wonder, intense skating that focuses on flat bars with him cruising on stair free trails.

Pudwill is an exceptional skateboarder just like a good wine he continues to mature and hone his craft, it is definitely true that talent and purpose are the keys to success, with Pudwill having been injured he still comes back stronger every time. As a skateboarder and a sports personality, T-Puds can never sit idle instead his sportsman spirit ask him to be more creative and add something new every time to his list of skateboarding tricks.