Tom Schaar Net Worth 2019

Who is Tom Schaar and what is his net worth 2019? This youngest Skateboarder was born on September 14, 1999 in Malibu, California in the United States of America. He was born to Regan and Nick Schaar who are legends in Real estate and own a company called “Schaar Homes and Buildings”. Tom also has a twin brother named after famous political theorist John Schaar. Both the brothers can be seen surfing in their free time and are seen in High tide beaches usually up north to their home town.

Tom has no girl friends but in an interview he said he want a girl whom he loves to be beside him for each of his games. In general many teen professional sportsmen, due to their hectic competition schedules end up in home schooling or online schooling but not schaar. He currently pursues studying in high school at Public High school in Encinitas, California.

Tom Schaar Net Worth

He manages his demanding schedule by taking harder classes in fall since in this season, there will be no travelling. But in spring, starting from may he has to be out for travelling due to many contests starting from Combi Bowl contest in may to X games and other events. Due to many contests and practices he misses school in the spring time.

Schaar has first laid his eyes on skate board at the age of 6 and watched first contest in skateboarding in the year 2006 where Shaun white has unsuccessfully attempted the 1080 for 21 times, an exceptional trick in skateboarding to complete three mid air revolutions.

Tom has landed his first one and half revolutions- in skateboarding terms it is also called as 540 in 2009, at the age of 9. After a few unsuccessful attempts he has landed 720 in the same year where two complete revolutions have to be done. After hard practising he has landed his first 900 which is two and half complete revolutions in the year 2011 shortly after turning 12.


He is the 8th person in the history to land a 900(2 and ½ full revolutions). He is the only Skateboarder ever to land 1080(three complete revolutions) which is called Holy Grail for skateboarders in the year 2012 at the age of 12. In June of the same year he has participated in Big Air event on the Mega ramp against Whites which was held in Tehachapi, California and completed in 5th position.

In the Mini Mega skateboarding event in X games he has landed 1080 and won gold medal shocking all the skateboard legends Brusquest, Andy McDonald and Pierre-Luc Gagnon. It is reported that due his small size of 5 foot and about 85 pounds weight at the age of 12, Schaar has an airborne spin advantage over others. This has lead for his world record in Guinness book.

Some of his biggest achievements are

• Won 1st in Vans Park series Global Qualifiers in finals which has taken place at Manly in March of this year
• Completed 2nd in Bowl a Rama Bondi pro Finals in Feb, 2017 and in Jan this year, he has won 2nd El Gatos Classic- Pros.
• Though he has competed in many competitions in 2016, his best was winning 2nd at Chile Bowlzilla and 1st in Bowl-a-Rama Bondi Pro Division Qualifiers which was held in February. In the same year in July, he has won 3rd in Vans Pro Skate Park Series held at Huntington Beach.
• Completed 3rd in 2015 Austin x games Big air doubles and 1st in Vans pool party pros division later that year.
• Won 1st in 1080 in 2014 Austin X games and 2nd in Dew tour Bowl game in Maryland in the same year.
• Again won 2nd in 2013 X games held in Los Angeles.

Tom Schaar is ranked 18th globally by achieving 12,240 points in overall. In individual events, Schaar has ranked 420 in Street and 23 in Vert-Bowl. His best is Park where his overall ranking is 5 with 9,330 points. His current year ranking is 4 globally with 1950 points. He was also placed 190883 ranks in Wiki Frame Social media.

Net Worth of Tom Schaar

Tom Schaar has an estimated net worth of $800 thousand. His only earnings are from his various skateboard contests and some Ads from sponsors. His overall earnings are $85,780 per annum and current salary is $25,000 which is more when compared to $17,000 in 2016.

He owns a new black Audi USA- S5 and bought his car in 2016 after getting the license. His favourite pass time is surfing and playing basketball with his friends along spending time in his Wave House.

He is currently residing in Malibu with his parents and they own the house along with some lands properties and wave house.

He is currently aiming for 1220 (three and half revolutions) and competing X summer games under 25. Schaar is currently sponsored by Element, Skate lab, Monster, Bone Bearings and Alta wheels and also backing their products.