Stan Wawrinka Net Worth

Who is Stan Wawrinka and what is his net worth 2018? One of the most famous professionals in the field of tennis is Stanislas Wawrinka. He is better known as Stan Wawrinka. He was born on 28 march in the year 1985. He holds a Swiss nationality. His mother is a Swiss and his father belongs to Germany. His father’s name is Wolform Wawrinka.

He is a dynamic social worker. He also handles the work of his farmlands. Stan’s mother is a teacher. She too is an active social worker. During her humanitarian efforts, he helps people with disabilities, alcoholism and drug abuse. His siblings are 1 elder brother and two younger sisters.

Stan Wawrinka Net Worth 2018-2019

He spent his childhood in Crissier attending the Rudolf Steiner School. He was married to Ilham Vuillound and has a daughter with her named Alexia. At present, he is divorced. The divorce was made public in the year 2015, 6 after his marriage.

He grew up in an environment where animals and nature were a never-ending part. He continuously worked on his father’s farm. His mother is an anthropologist and hence it is ingrained in him to help people. His long-time coach Dmitri Zavialoff was a worker in the special people’s utility founded by his family. Here Dmitri and his brother developed companionship with Stan’s parents.

Stan Wawrinka Net Worth

His net worth stands at an astounding $24 million. His great wins in professional tennis, as well as high-priced endorsement deals, are the sole reason for this wealth. When in 2008 he was awarded the gold medal in the prestigious Olympics his wealth and assets started increasing. The sponsorships started to flow in from companies like Yonex and Audi.

The current rank that he holds is 126. The prize money that he has won is astounding more than 18 million dollars.

He owns a great built mansion in Saint Barthelme in Switzerland. The products he endorses are Evian, Subaru.

Career: He is an amazing right-hand player. His current coach is Magnus Norman. His junior career has been awe inspiring. At the tender age of 14, he started taking part in international events. He won the junior French Open. In 2003 he became the world no.7. At the age of 8, he fell in love with tennis. When he turned fifteen years of age, he gave his schooling. This allowed him to devote entire focus on tennis. In the year 2002 when Stan was 17 years of age, he entered professional tennis. His coach was Dmitri Zavialoff.

Grand Slam is one of the greatest titles tennis players can win. He has won the slam 3 times. He has showcased his talent in the Olympics and for Davis cup as well. In the year 2008, his first top ten ranking came out. He achieved the greatest success of his life by becoming the Swiss number 1, and world ranking of no 3 in the year 2014. He won the 2014 Australian open. The next year he won the French Open and in the year 2015, he won the US Open. He has won ATP Tour finals as well.

As mentioned above, he has had great sponsorships from Audi, Subaru etc. He wears the entire attire from Yonex. He is also fond of Babolat’s RPM Blast.

According to Stan, his core strength springs up from his legs. He is a complete country boy, with deep rooted love for the rural Switzerland which has been a valuable part of his life.

Being fit is the most important part of the professional games. Stan Wawrinka has an amazing career with great core strength. He has won many great awards and laurels. He has brought great fame and respect to his native country which is Switzerland. Players like him are rare. The dedication he has shown is tremendous. He has always been dedicated and focused no matter what.

He is an inspiration for many people all around the world who follow tennis religiously. Stan Wawrinka is a name which will always remain in the good books of tennis. His exceptional performance and anthropologist works have left an indelible mark on people’s life.

Stan Wawrinka is a famous and great Swiss Tennis player.