Rafael Nadal Net Worth

Who is Rafael Nadal? What is net worth of Rafael Nadal? Rafael Nadal, originally named Rafael Nadal Parera was born in Spain in 1986. Rafael is also known as Rafa. Rafa was passionate about tennis from a very young age of 3 and started playing the game with his uncle at this young age only. His father, Sebastian was into a business with his brothers at that time.

Rafa’s mother’s name is Ana Maria. Rafa didn’t stop his practice and went on perfecting his skills and turned into a pro player at the age of 15. Under the training and guidance of his uncle, Rafa bagged an under-12 tennis-championship at the age of 8. The major tennis titles like Spanish and European titles were already adding to his glory at the age of 12. Rafa could play using both of his hands at the age of 15 and that was his out of the way skill.

Rafael Nadal Net Worth 2017-2018

Education: Rafa did his schooling in Spain, but half-heartedly. He was more into soccer and tennis as a young child. His passion for tennis went on increasing after practicing it on a regular basis with Uncle Tony, a professional tennis player back then. He had to make a choice as his academics were demanding more time and a shining tennis career was waiting eagerly for him ahead. He made the choice and, obviously the right one.

His first commendable achievement was an under-12 tournament at the age of 8 which also filled more confidence and passion inside him and pushed him to challenge his limits utilizing his double handed playing skills. He won the European and well as National titles by 1998. His first win as a pro player was in 2001. In the history of tennis, Rafael was the youngest player to make it to the third round of Wimbledon.

At the age of 19, he was called ‘King of Clay’ as he won the French Open that year and went on winning several singles titles in the same year. Rafa didn’t look back after that as he had already discovered his potential by then. He won several French Open titles and many singles and doubles titles as well, making his world rank rocket higher unbelievingly.

Rafael Nadal Net Worth

Rafael Nadal is one of the greatest sports personalities grossing big money in their career. Nadal has won around 814 matches in his whole career so far and most of his victories were iconic. He has an estimated net worth of $155 million US dollars as of 2017. From his tennis career, he has earned the prize money worth $80,124,432 from both singles and doubles matches.

Nadal has also remained a popular choice for ad makers for a long while and his earnings from various advertisements are also pretty impressive. Holding the 6th rank in the world of tennis, Nadal made around $1,399,805 in the year 2017 itself. He holds a total of 69 titles combining the singles and doubles in his whole career.

Rafael Nadal Assets

Rafael Nadal belongs from a well-off family. His father was an entrepreneur running two businesses in real-time. Rafa has several winnings on his name and that helped him make big bucks years after years in the game. In 2007, Rafa founded a tennis academy in his own name for the children and teens who want to make it big in the game.

The 20 ATP wins and the prestigious 2008 Olympics singles gold medal win made Rafa the number one tennis player in the world and he held this position for long. Rafa’s $80 Million earnings are only from tennis. At his native place, Mallorca in Spain, he owns a lavish home.

In the Dominican Republic and Porto Cristo, Rafa owns many luxury villas worth millions. Few of his super luxury cars from his splendid car collection are Mercedes Benz SL55 and Aston Martin DBS.

Rafael Nadal Business Model

Rafa’s father runs his family business, but Rafa is only involved with his tennis foundation, his game, and premium endorsements like Nike, Armani, Kia Motors and many others.

In a recent interview, the tennis icon Boris Becker opened up about the performances of the legendary tennis duo – Nadal and Federer and he was in all praises for both of the. Boris is expecting more surprises from the Duos their comeback was commendable. Rafa’s uncle Tom has also shattered all the rumors about his tiff with the former tennis champion.

Rafael Nadal is a true player with great spirits and passion for his game. He has fought even with his injuries, challenged all the odds and stood out every single time. He is a player whom the world will remember forever.