Pam Shriver Net Worth

Who is Pam Shriver and what is her net worth 2018? Martina Navratilova might arguably be the greatest women tennis player of all time. Could she have achieved this pinnacle on her own? In fact, Martina would be the first person to admit that she could not have achieved this glory without the support from her doubles partner and great friend, Pam Shriver.

Born on America Day, 1962 at Baltimore, MA, Pam Shriver is a formidable US professional tennis player. Her full name is Pamela Howard Shriver. Standing 1.83 m tall, she formed the perfect foil to the indomitable Martina on their way to 21 Grand Slam doubles titles. This record can stand the test of time with no other pair nearing this figure.

Pam Shriver Net Worth 2018-2019

As with most of the women tennis players, Pam Shriver started out very young. At the age of 16 years of age, she reached her first Grand Slam Final at the US Open in 1978 defeating Marina Navratilova on the way. She lost to Chris Evert-Lloyd, another great of this era. This proved to be her only Grand Slam singles final appearance. She started concentrating on doubles play and blossomed into one of the greatest exponents of this game in partnership with Martina.

She is one among the six female players in the world to have won more than a 100 career titles. In fact, she has won 112 women’s doubles titles, 79 of them with Martina. This pair won a record 109 consecutive doubles matches between 1983 and 1985. This included the doubles Grand Slam in 1984. In addition, she has won the doubles Olympic Gold Medal in 1984 along with compatriot, Zina Garrison.

After her exploits on the tennis court, she served the game as a broadcaster on various TV channels such as the ESPN, Seven Network, BBC, CBS, and the ABC. She has proved her worth and quality in this field as well.

In addition, she is a die-hard Republican at heart. During the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1984, she was the Maryland State honorary chairperson.

On the personal front, she has married two times. Her first marriage was with Joe Shapiro, a lawyer. After his death in 1999, she married actor George Lazenby. This couple has a son born in 2004. They have a pair of twins, Kate and Sam. As with several marriages in the US today, this one also ended in a divorce in 2008.

Education: Shriver had her early education at McDonogh School in Owings Mills, MA. She started playing tennis when she was just three years old. She represented her school in many tennis tournaments as well before turning professional at the age of 16 years. Not much is available about her higher education. One cannot expect her to have any because of the tight tennis schedules she adhered to in that period.

Pam Shriver Net Worth

Pam Shriver has retired from professional tennis in 1997. However, she was a great doubles exponent, maybe one of the greatest ever. She has a net worth of $10.5 million. This could be right because all her wins came about 20 to 30 years ago when the prize money was not at such high levels as it is today. She makes her living today by working as a commentator on various TV channels all around the world. People respect her for the knowledge she imparts. She endorsed the oversized racket manufactured by Prince.

At that time, there were not much commercial contracts available for women doubles players. However, Pam Shriver was the only player to use an oversized racket manufactured by Prince. She endorsed the racket as well.

Pam Shriver is a high-class tennis commentator today. She used to play in the veterans circuit until recently.

Martina Navratilova would not have been the greatest that she is today without the active support from Pam Shriver. Together, they have scripted history; having won an overwhelming 21 Grand Slam doubles titles. If you count the Olympic Gold as well, Pam Shriver is a legend in her own right.