Monica Seles Net Worth 2019

Who is Monica Seles and what is her net worth 2019? Man proposes and God disposes. Maybe, in the case of Monica Seles, we can substitute the word God with The Devil. Otherwise, there cannot be any explanation for the brutal attack on this wonderful champion on the tennis court on 30 April 1993.

Early Life

Born on 02 December 1973 in Novi Sad, Serbia, Monica Seles might have become the greatest women tennis singles player of all time. She was at the peak of her career when a deranged man attacked her with a 9-inch knife stabbing her in the back. This injury forced her physically out of the game for about two years. Psychologically, she was out forever.

Monica Seles Net Worth


Monica Seles started playing tennis when she was only five years old. Her first coach was her father. He inspired Seles to have the double-handed forehand as well as the backhand shots. No other player in the world uses these shots on a regular basis. She caught the attention of the champion coach, Nick Bollettieri who advised her to move to the US for better opportunities.

She continued her training at his academy for more than two years. She turned professional at the age of 15 years and won her first title beating the great Chris Evert in the Houston Open. She made her Grand Slam debut the same year at the French Open. She had a great run until the semi finals before she ran into Steffi Graf, arguably the greatest women singles player in the world.

Seles finished her first year on the professional circuit at # 6. She literally ruled the tennis world from 1991 to 1993 during which she won eight Grand Slam championships. The Wimbledon was the only title to miss her grasp. She had the world at her feet when this accident happened. This incident scarred her forever. This incident happened at Hamburg, Steffi Graf’s hometown. Ironically, the deranged attacker was an obsessed fan of Steffi Graf.

The injury was not very serious. It took just a couple of weeks to heal. She was physically fit to play very soon thereafter. However, she could not muster the psychological courage to enter a tennis court for close to two years. She did manage to win one more Grand Slam in Australia in 1996. However, this was a pale shadow of the old Monica Seles, which everyone knew.

On the personal front, she became depressed after her father’s death forcing her to go on binge eating. She put on tremendous weight. She recovered after a while, though. Her father was the only male person she knew and trusted all her life. She started dating billionaire Tom Golisano in 2009. This man was about 32 years older than Seles was at that time.

Education: Yugoslavia was a war-torn country during her times. Hence, she did not have much education in her hometown. She moved over to the US when she was just 11 years of age to join the Nick Bollettieri School of Tennis. One can call her a Tennis Graduate.

Net Worth of Monica Seles

Monica has a net worth of $13.5 million. If only the stabbing had not occurred, Seles could have ended up with a phenomenal net worth. She had the corporate world at her feet in 1993. Not even twenty years of age, she was endorsing brands such as Fila, Yonex, and Prince. Many more corporates were vying for her attention. She became an author after retiring from the game. She has acted in a couple of TV serials as well. However, we consider the net worth to include her earnings from the game and endorsements alone.

Monica Seles used to endorse the brands of Yonex, Prince, and Fila during her prime.

She distances herself from tennis nowadays. She does play the odd veteran singles exhibition matches. She has worked in a couple of TV series and has authored a book as well.

There are many ‘If’s’ in her career. Had she not suffered that accident, we could have witnessed the greatest rivalry of all time with Steffi Graf. She might have rewritten the record books. However, such things are not in our hands. Nevertheless, this champion of Hungarian descent, born in Yugoslavia, Monica Seles considers the US as her home today.