Milos Raonic Net Worth 2019

Who is Milos Raonic and what is his net worth 2019? Canada has always lived under the shadow of its big brother, The USA. You can see this anomaly in the field of tennis as well. You have had innumerable Americans topping the ATP charts over the years. Try finding a Canadian in the top 10. It was difficult until a player by the name of Milos Raonic decided to change it all.

Early Life

Born on 27 December 1990, Milos Raonic represents Canada in professional tennis. He has reached a career high ranking of #3 on the ATP circuit as on November 2016. This is the highest ranking ever achieved by a Canadian player. What is more heartening is that there are no US players above him in the ranking. This is proof that Canada has come of age in tennis.

Milos Raonic Net Worth

Originally belonging to war-torn Yugoslavia, Milos’ parents fled their hometown Titograd and found refuge in Canada. His father, Dusan is a Ph.D. in electrical engineering whereas his mother is an engineer as well having dual degrees in mechanical and computer engineering. He comes from a family of intellectuals. His elder brother has a degree in IT whereas his elder sister has an international degree in finance and trade.

Milos had an interest in tennis since a young age. Sensing his potential, his father sought the help of a coach, Casey Curtis to hone his talents. Milos might have been just around six years of age at that time. He worked with his coach for the next nine years before moving to Montreal to explore better opportunities.


He started playing in the junior age tournaments and met with moderate success. By the time he was around 18 years old, he turned professional. Initially, he used to play singles as well as doubles. Due to continuous injury problems, he quit playing doubles in 2010 to concentrate on his singles ranking.

He made his Grand Slam debit in 2010 at the US Open. He did not fare well. However, this taught him many things. The year 2011 saw his ranking improve tremendously thereby enabling him to qualify for the main draws of the bigger tournaments. He started improving steadily reaching the round of 16 at the US Open for three consecutive years from 2012.

In the meanwhile, he made the quarterfinals of the French Open in 2014. The year 2016 saw him rise to good heights with a semifinal appearance in the Australian Open followed by reaching the final at Wimbledon. He attained his career high ranking in 2016.

Education: Raonic comes from a family of intellectuals with each member holding multiple degrees. His father was very keen on imparting a decent education to him. Milos joined the Thornhill Elementary School in Ontario. He subsequently joined the Thornhill Secondary School where he excelled in studies and accelerated his education.

His excellence in studies and proficiency in tennis landed him scholarships from several universities such as Michigan, Princeton, and Northwestern, etc. He opted to study finance at the University of Virginia. He wanted to concentrate on his studies. Hence, his parents allowed him to rake up correspondence courses at the Athabasca University.

Net Worth of Milos Raonic

Milos has a net worth of $14 million. Considering his success on the tennis courts over the years, we can presume this amount to be correct. As far as endorsements are concerned, Raonic endorses the Wilson brand of rackets. He is the face of the New Balance Clothing and shoes. This contract is worth about $1 million annually. In addition, some of his other endorsements are Aviva, Lacoste, Rolex, Zepp, etc. Milos Raonic does a lot of charity work as well. He has launched a foundation in his name to help the underprivileged children. He participates in several fund raising events in Canada.

Milos has a good personality with a great natural height. This made him the face of the New Balance Clothing, the first tennis player to achieve this honour. He has also endorsed for Wilson Rackets, Aviva Insurance, etc.

As on date, he has a ranking of #4. He has an aim of achieving the top ranking some day. Given his talent, he can do so. He has age on his side. Hence, he can attain the top ranking thereby proving that Canada can also produce tennis champions even though he originally might belong to Yugoslavia.