Kevin Anderson Net Worth 2018

Who is Kevin Anderson and what is his net worth 2018? Kevin Anderson is a top ranked South African tennis player and has created his legacy from scratch. He is one of the few Top 10 players ever to come from South Africa and after considering the rarity of such an event, it makes him a sensation in the tennis community.

Early Life

On 18th May 1986 at Johannesburg, South Africa, Kevin Anderson was born to Michael and Barbara Anderson and has a brother named Gregory. Kevin has been playing tennis since he was just six years old. While attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Anderson played three seasons of college tennis in the US.He has been married to his college sweetheart and golfer by profession, Kelsey O’Neal in 2011 and the couple are permanent residents of the US.

Kevin Anderson Net Worth

After being at an all time career high in 2015 Anderson did not make quite an impact on the sport. In June 2016 along with wife Kelsey and former Coach GD Jones, Anderson launched a tennis instructional site called Realife Tennis. In 2017, Anderson started making a comeback in tennis and in an interview told about his plans to pursue and score a position among the Top 10 once again.

Net Worth of Kevin Anderson

He has given tough competition to top players in the game and has grand slammed his way towards an impressive fortune. Kevin Anderson has an estimated net worth of over $9.5 million. His annual earning has risen to almost $1.4 million and that figure seems to be growing with each year. Anderson has won over $7.4 million in prize money throughout his career. Anderson further adds to his net worth through various endorsements which include Lotto and Srixon (A division of SRI Sports Limited); the brands even provide for his apparel and rackets with the Srixon 2.0 tour being his favourite.

Anderson has been the first top ten players from South Africa in over 18 years and has had to pull off mind blowing wins in order to reach that position. Some of the wins over top ten players are as follows:

• Against Novak Djokovic from Serbia in 2008 at Miami, the United States.

• Against Andy Murray from the UK in 2011 at Montréal, Canada and in 2015 at the United States. Anderson in an interview called this one the best matches in his career.

• Against David Ferrer from Spain in 2013 at the United States and 2014 at Mexico.

• Against Swiss tennis player Stan Wawrinka in 2014 at the United States, Canada and France and in 2015 at the UK.

Anderson has seen his fair share of wins and losses throughout his tennis career, but he tries to outbalance the scale with his wins and awards.

He received the USTA’s fifth Annual US Open sportsmanship award which has an added $5000 donation to a charity of his choice. Roger Federer, David Ferrer and Bob Bryan are few of the past winners.

In 2015, he was recognised as a Top 10 player and received an ATP award from board member David Edges in Paris.

Anderson in the tennis community and outside is also renowned for his philanthropist works and uplifting impoverished societies. Along with Spark Ventures and CPAC (College Park Athletic Club), Anderson held fundraisers to collect resources which were used for the direct benefit of children in Zambia. About 400 orphans and vulnerable children in the village of Twapai received education, healthcare and proper nutrition due to this program. The revenue generating poultry farm and a seven classroom school was also erected to ensure stability and long term sustainability for the village.

Inspite of all the ups and downs, Kevin Anderson will always be the iconic tennis players who have gifted the fans with numerous unforgettable memories. The fans hope to see Kevin reclaiming that 10th rank once again.