Flavia Pennetta Net Worth 2018

Who is Flavia Pennetta and what is her net worth 2018? Flavia Pennetta was born in the year 1982 in Brindisi. She has a sister called Georgia. At a very early age, she was introduced to the world of tennis. Little Flavia saw Monica Seles as her tennis idol. It was her father who introduced her to the sport. She won the French Open in 1999 in the girls doubles. Pennetta dates Carlos Moya who cheated on her. She was heartbroken and it was all over the news.

After the traumatic breakup she wrote about it in the memoir called Dritto al Cuore. She started dating Fabio Fognini who is also a tennis player. She got engaged to him in the year 2015 and they got married in the year 2016. She is happily married to her husband and she is a retired tennis player. Flavia is an Italian and she has had a fantastic career in tennis. Currently she is retired but she is happy in her family life.

Flavia Pennetta Net Worth

Net Worth of Flavia Pennetta

Although Flavia Pennetta is retired, she has a huge net worth. Flavia Pennetta’s net worth is more than $14 million. She belongs to a place called Brindisi. We are sure that her fans and parents must be very proud of her. Flavia Pennetta has got huge amount of prize money which means that her net worth could be more. She has done really well in the field of tennis.

Pennetta won the first Grand Slam title in the year 2011. It was in Australian Open. She has flourished in her field and has earned a lot of money in the form of prize money. She is a retired tennis player but she has done enough savings for herself and her family. Her net worth is in fantastic numbers. It shows that while she was in the game, she did really well and earned a lot.

Flavia Pennetta was dating Carlos Moya. She caught him cheating on her. She had a traumatic breakup and it was everywhere in the news. It was the biggest tennis scandal. She wrote about it in her memoir. She told the media about how she is devastated and her heart has gone numb. She later married a tennis player called Fabio Fognini. She is very much in love with her husband and they are still going strong.

When Pennetta disclosed that it was her last match in the U.S. Open, everybody was shocked. She is the oldest woman to be winning a debut championship. She announced this on the final day of the match. She decided to retire because she felt that she has lost the competitive fire within her. She chose to disclose it then because she thought it was the perfect moment. It took everyone by shock but she was happy with the decision. She is doing well in life.

Flavia had a good run in the tennis world and she earned a lot of respect and prize money when she was a part of the big game. She does not regret her decision to retire. She seems in a happy space with her husband and her baby who is about to enter the world. She was asked about what she will do after she retires and she smiled and said that life will be good. Some decisions are meant to be taken and she did the same. She will be a happy mother soon and we wish her all the luck. May she have a lovely baby Pennetta and live a fantastic life ahead.