Andre Agassi Net Worth

Who is Andre Agassi and what is his net worth 2018? Andre Agassi is essentially a retired professional tennis player from America, also recognised as earlier World No. 1. He is the one who was considered as one of the sport’s greatest dominant players from the era of 1990’s till 2000;s. Agassi is usually regarded by censors and fellow players as one of the supreme tennis players ever. Net worth of Andre Agassi is originated from his career as tennis player, get more details below:

Andre Agassi belonged to Las Vegas, located in Nevada. His father, renowned as a previous boxer in Olympic from Iran mentioned he belongs to a mixed Assyrian and Armenian heritage. It is known that one among his lineages transformed his cognomen from Aghassian to Agassi in order to stop persecution. Moreover, Agassi’s mother is essentially a fighter of cancer of breast.

Andre Agassi Net Worth 2018-2019

In an opening from a book entitled Open, Agassi explains the manner his father changed him play one game for money along football legend named as Brown in year 1979, when this player was of age 9. When he was of age 13, this player was directed to a tennis school in Florida. Moreover, he was intended to remain for just 3 months as his father can not afford more.

Agassi became a professional player at an age 16 and contended in his leading tournament at California. This player got victory in his initial match played against Austin, however then he defeated his second match to Wilander. Till the finish of year 1986, Agassi got rank as world number 91. Later, he got victory in his initial singles title of top-level the next year and completed the year through rank of world no. 25. Apart from not playing for the Australian Open for the initial eight years in career, Agassi selected not to appear at Wimbledon from period 1988 till 1990.

In year 1991, Agassi attained his second successive French Open final, where he confronted fellow named Jim Courier. His Grand Slam tournament revolution originated at Wimbledon, where he had formerly attained success. In next year, this tennis player defeated Goran Ivanišević actually in one five-set final. Through assistance of new coach named as Brad Gilbert on board, this player started to practice more of a strategic, reliable approach, which fuelled his renaissance. It is found that Agassi attained the spot of world no. 1 ranking for the initial time in year 1995.

Moreover, he retained the particular ranking till November, for 30 weeks in total. Agassi bounced majority of the fall indoor season, this actually facilitated Sampras to exceed him and complete ranked no. 1 at the ranking carried out at year-ending. In year 2003, Agassi got victor in the eighth (and even a final) Grand Slam title, great achievement of his career at the Australian Open match. In this, he contested Schüttler in straightforward sets in the final match. Moreover, he also won his sixth career as well as third successive Key Biscayne title, adding to his fame.

Andre Agassi Net worth

Andre Agassi is talented retired tennis player with a net worth of $185 million. Moreover, he is also renowned as and former World No. 1, and he was ranked higher, adding to his income. Agassi is ranked one of the two male tennis players possessing a Career Golden Slam, which adds to his worth. Apart from this, he is too the originator of the charitable organisation, running by his name, that primarily functions with at-risk kids prevailing in Nevada as well as even works to fund a K-12 charter school.

It is found that Agassi grossed over $30 million in form of prize-money throughout his career, sixth only to Federer, Djokovic, Sampras, Nadal and Murray. Moreover, he even grossed over $25 million per year from endorsements in his career.

The tag of former World No. 1 in the field of tennis is a prestigious tag which Andre Agassi possesses, surpassing his competitors.