Tammy Hembrow Net Worth 2018

Who is Tammy Hembrow? What is net worth of Tammy Hembrow? Tammy Hembrow, the popular Instagram star and fitness mentor is an inspiration to young ladies who think that you cannot attain perfect body after giving birth to children. Tammy has two children, a son, Wolf and a daughter, Saskia. This beautiful lady was born in Gold Coast Australia on April 22, 1994. Tammy is currently living with her family, her children and her fiancée Reece Hawkins in Queensland, Australia.

After living in Malaysia and Switzerland for a short time just to have the experience of urban life and society, she came to live in Australia. Emilee Hembrow, her sister is also quite famous on Instagram. Tammy showed the world that how a woman can have a perfect body even after her pregnancy. She used the platform of Instagram to showcase her journey to fitness.

Tammy Hembrow Net Worth

As a child, Tammy wanted to enroll in sports but as she was growing up, she adopted some bad habits like smoking, drinking, partying etc. she herself tells that she tried everything which was bad as a teenager. She used to have an unhealthy lifestyle as a teenage girl. She did what she should not have done. But everyone has some regrets in their lives, what matters is that how you handle the present and we can say that she handled her present very gracefully.

Tammy has 4.2 million followers on Instagram who follows and appreciate her journey to fitness. This proud mother started using Instagram before her pregnancy and used to upload her workout videos, her eating style, and her perfect body’s pictures. Around November of 2014, she posted the picture of the ultrasound of her child.

From that day she started to post her workout videos, meals and body’s pictures on Instagram which was changing day by day. She enjoyed her pregnancy by having proper food as she calls it “clean meal” and by doing proper exercise. Her fiancée is her personal trainer who trained her and helped her to maintain a perfect body.

Net Worth of Tammy Hembrow

Tammy holds the net worth of $2 million as a fitness mentor and Instagram star which is quite surprising. This half Australian and half-Trinidadian 22 years proud mother is earning very well because of her popularity and fame.

This tattoo lover has an amazing car collection which includes Mercedes G-WAGON, Range Rover, Porsche and few others. We can say that this beach lover is quite rich. As a fashion lover, she has an amazingly fashionable wardrobe. As a stylish Instagram star, she presents herself as an attractive, sexy and well-dressed lady in every post of her. She is currently living in Australia with her fiancée and children in quite big and luxurious house. Well, she is a lady with a big house, a lot of cars and clothes, in short, rich.

Tammy documented her first as well as her second pregnancy and uploaded videos and pictures of her transforming body during all the weeks of pregnancy. She showed all the young women what “pregnancy fitness” is all about. After giving birth to her children, she uploaded videos and pictures of transforming body but this time to fitness.

She came back to shape after few months of giving birth to her first baby and this was same in the case of her second baby. She works five days a week and goes out on weekends for some “cheat meals” also. Rest of the five days, she follows strict exercise routine which helps her to maintain her body perfectly.

After her surprising transformation, Tammy became very popular on photo-sharing platform, Instagram. She gained millions of followers on Instagram when she posted the pictures and videos of her amazingly fit and perfect body. After that, she launched another account but this time, a private account. Only those people can see her full workout videos, eating style and meal’s schedule to that account who buy access to that account.

She became so popular there that she even got sponsored posts for Teami Blends and Protein World also. When she became popular as well as successful there too, she launched her Youtube channel where she posted her Vlogs related to exercise routine, workout sessions, and fashion videos. While talking about fashion, there is no doubt that she is a master in fashion also. She also posts fashion trends videos and makeup tutorial videos also which are also getting popular.