Steve Caballero Net Worth 2018

Who is Steve Caballero and what is his net worth 2018? Steve Caballero is a professional skateboarder and also a famous American musician. Caballero is known for difficult tricks to do skateboarding. Steve Caballero was born on November 8, 1964, San Jose, located in California and he is of Japanese and Mexican origin. Caballero accepted his mother’s surname and he was brought up Catholic. This skateboarder has also studied Zen Buddhism as well as Pentecostalism.

Early Life

Caballero was born with scoliosis, which is a condition that causes a bend of the spine. He has mentioned that this condition actually has not influenced him very much. Ever since he was a child, Caballero was attracted towards skateboarding.

Steve Caballero Net Worth

Caballero is recognised for the tough tricks and air variations he developed for vertical skating. He made the long-standing record for the maximum air attained on a halfpipe. In year 1999, Thrasher Magazine entitled Caballero as the “Skater of the Century”, adding to his popularity.


Caballero started skating in year 1976 at an early age of 12 and launched his career as skateboarder at age 14. His leading sponsor was Campbell Skate Park and then in year 1979, Caballero appeared in a national skate contest, held in Escondido. After completing fifth place, Caballero was contacted by Stacy Peralta who presented him funding with Powell Peralta.

He became a pro in year 1980 throughout the Gold Cup series at the Oasis Skatepark, in Southern California. Till then, Caballero had founded the ‘Caballerial’ (also identified as ‘Full Cab’), which is a skateboarding trick also recognised as the fakie 360 ollie. Caballero is even accredited with discovering the front side boardslide.

In year 1987, Caballero received both street as well as vert titles at the World Championships held in Munster, Germany. He also set the one-time world record in the same year for maximum air achieved on a half-pipe, which was of 11 feet. Record of Caballero was surpassed by Danny Way in year 1997. In year 1999, he made another great record for the longest board slide on a 44 step rail.

Steve Caballero got divorced from his first wife named Susan, and he had a daughter named Kayla Leslie. Later, he got married to his second wife named Rachael in year 2006 and the couple have a son named Caleb Bela, and daughter named Clover Lavie.

Education: Steve Caballero attained elementary education from California and later go diverted to make career in skateboarding.

Net Worth of Steve Caballero

Steve Caballero’s net-worth is around $800 thousand. The salary of Caballero is around $330 thousand since last one year and he is continuously working to raise it. Caballero’s major earning comes from his sponsors, documentary films in which he was featured in and mainly from the records he made in skateboarding. Fans of Caballero suggests that though he has attained now a steady position in his career, his net-worth will grow slightly in coming year.

Steve Caballero resides with his family in a house in California bought before few years at high price. Among many car collection Caballero owns, one is Mercedes Benz.

Steve Caballero has been a follower of some punk bands comprising Odd Man Out, The Faction, Shovelhead, and Soda. He has launched a compilation CD of the different bands he has performed in, entitled Bandology, by Sessions Records. He even did an acting role as Juan in year 1984 action movie entitled Escape from El Diablo by Jimmy McNichol, along with fellow skateboarder named Mike McGill.

Caballero’s current sponsors highlights names of Bones Bearings, Powell Peralta, Bones Wheels, Independent Truck Company, Skull Candy headphones, Ohana Boardshop, Vans Skate Shoes, and Protec Helmets. His previous sponsors included Standard Trucks, Tracker Trucks, and Red Dragon Apparel.

Apart from this, Caballero was presented in Stacy Peralta’s 2012 documentary film entitled Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, which records the life stories of participants of the Bones Brigade skate group.

Steve Caballero is one of the most persuasive vert skaters till date, providing the world the “Caballerial,” which is a foundation of skate as well as snowboard aerial moves and pushing the limit through frontside boardslides. Caballero gained major recognition through skateboarding records he made and titles won.