Sean Malto Net Worth 2019

Who is Sean Malto and what is his net worth 2019? If you love skateboards and have a thing for the art of skateboarding then for sure you must have heard the name Sean Malto. Sean Malto is a professional skateboarder. Sean Malto was born on 9th September 1989. If you have a desire to know more about Sean Malto then this very article will surely provide you enough information about this popular American skateboarder.

Early Life

Sean Malto hails from Leavenworth, Kansas, US (United States). Sean Malto is of Filipino and Caucasian descent. He was introduced to skateboards at an early age. He was only 10 when he started skateboarding. He was drawn and inspired towards skateboarding because of his older brothers Chris and Justin. He belonged to a middle-class family, and his father had other dreams in his mind for his son’s future.

Sean Malto Net Worth

His father wanted him to join West Point Military Academy and had a desire to see his son as part of nation’s army. However, Sean Malto had a desire to enter in the skateboarding world and gain fame and popularity in this very field. His father would have forced him to join West Point Military Academy, however, he was deemed ineligible to join the academy because of his criminal record.

He had an assault charge which in a way worked well for him as it opened the doors to skateboarding world for him. In the year of 2013, Sean Malto disclosed that the Escapist Skate Shop which was located in Kansas City sponsored and supported his skateboarding right from the beginning and they haven’t stopped playing a vital role in shaping his career as a professional skateboarder.


Girl Skateboards was Sean Malto’s first sponsor and they continue to support his career now also. Although his career graph was shooting high but his career as a professional skateboarder took a deep after an accident in a tournament which was being held at Kansas City. In 2013 SLS competition one the skateboarding trucks of Sean Malto dismantled while performing a trick which resulted in a grave injury and also resulted in elimination from the competition as a contender.

As of now, Sean Malto is being sponsored by a number of companies and brands that include Nike SB, Girl, GoPro, Mountain Dew, Grizzly Skip, Diamond, Skull Candy, Escapist, Spitfire, and Thunder.

Net Worth of Sean Malto

Skateboarding is more than just fun. It is about pushing a skateboarder’s skills and exploring possibilities. There are risks involved with this sport which makes it a challenging sport. Skateboarding is surely considered to be an extreme sport, but there have always been stereotypes about this very sport. However, skateboarding has broken its stereotype because of increasing popularity of this extreme sport.

Extreme sports are not only about being and looking cool as it is now a billion dollar market and people with a desire to join this sport with the dedication of reaching a professional level can bag the opportunity to earn good money. One successful example of this is none other than popular skateboarder Sean Malto. Sean Malto net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

The year of 2013 wasn’t good for Sean Malto. While performing a trick, things went south and Sean Malto got injured. He broke his right ankle while performing that trick. His fibula pierced through his skin and in addition to that two ligaments were also torn. In order to recover from the accident injury and return back on his skateboard, he had to undergo a lateral reconstruction of the injured ankle.

Even after the operation, he had complained that there was pinching like feeling in his ankle. After getting checked it was revealed that a bone spur was the reason for his problem. This very problem forced him to undergo another surgery. After the operation, his ankle motion was restricted and he had to continue physical therapy for loosening it. After undergoing a lot of physical therapy sessions he returned on his skateboard again.

In a way, Sean Malto received everything easily but after getting into this accident he had to work hard for getting back on the skateboard which made Sean Malto embrace hard work and dedication.