Ryan Sheckler Net Worth

Who is Ryan Sheckler and what is his net worth 2018? A Professional Skateboarder Ryan Allen Sheckler aka Shecky was born on December 30, 1989, La Palma, California, the United States. He was one of the richest skateboard professional of America. Sheckler was influenced by his father to the skateboard usage. At the age of 2, Sheckler was introduced to skating and motivated by his father for the continuous effort. At the age of 4, he can perform Ollies and at 7, he started his perfect practice in the backyard on a ramp. San Clemente Skate Park is the location where he started skateboarding.

Sheckler family always encouraged in every part of his life. His mom assisted as a manager, father as a trainer in early days. And he has two younger brothers named Shane and Kane. In “Life of Ryan” series (reality show) produced by MTV, all family crew and friends are cast as the original character for the show. Sheckler also starred on The Red Bull TV. He also participated in many reality shows like a tooth fairy, spy school, Grind, almost and so on.

Ryan Sheckler Net Worth

Sheckler as a Professional Skateboarder participated in a skateboarding contest in 2002. His awards and endorsements are uncountable. In 2003, he won Gravity games 1st place(Street), in Canada he won No.1 position in slam city jam (street), X games No.1 (street), United States Skateboarding Championships- No.3 (Street), Vans Triple Crown- No.1 (Street), world cup of skating 1st position (Street).

In 2004, he won Gravity games, Vans Triple Crown, United states skateboarding and world cup skateboarding. In 2005 and 2006, he won AST Dew Tours (park) in Denver, Portland, Louisville, San Jose, and Orlando and overall won 1st place (two years in a row). He also won Globe World Cup in Australia- No.2 (Street) in 2005, and World Championship of Skateboarding at No.3 (Street) in 2005. XGames awards (street) were won by Sheckler in the years of 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012. In 2013 and 2014, Sheckler won Dew Games (street).

Education: No information is available about his education. As he started skating at 18 months, probably he was unable to attend any school.

Ryan Sheckler Net Worth

Ryan Sheckler total net worth is $18.4 million. He started his earnings in the year 2002. His sources of income are skateboarding, entrepreneur, charity founder, sponsorship, and TV artist. He invested $ 2.6 million in his new mansion at San Clemente, California. He raised nearly $200,000 funds for Children’s Cancer Research organisation. All his earnings were mostly from his championship holdings.

Sheckler resides in his own luxurious home along with the family members in San Clemente, California. He invested more than $2.6 million in his mansion. The house has an outdoor hot tub, excellent ocean view, four bedrooms, large spaced kitchen, 3.5 bathrooms, garden, and terrace.

He owns five brand new costly and luxurious cars. They are Ferrari F430, Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes- Benz CL63AMG, Black range rover HSE, DODGE Ram 2500.

A professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, Television Actor, world-renowned athlete, and charity founder has made his name world fame. He appeared in Television reality show as a professional skateboarder along with his friends and family. He was sponsored by Etnies skate shoe at the age of 7. Almost, is a skateboard company formed by the joint venture of Greg Lutzka, Sheckler and few other entrepreneurs. He resigned and soon joined with Plan B skateboarders in 2007. In 2014, Volcom clothing and Apparel Company sponsored Sheckler.

He is also sponsored by Red Bull, Nixon, Oakley, Inc., GoPro, CCS, Grizzly Grip tape, Andale Diamond supply co, Independent Trucks and Lume Cube. And he is the owner of Sheckler Charity Foundation, to raise funds for children and enhance them in the field of sports.

He set a standard of living and lives as an example in the field of sports. He is a teenage heartthrob and kind hearted. Sheckler tries to give back all the good works from his earnings. Hopefully, Sheckler will come up with more championship from his tournaments and helps the needed in the further years.