Valentino Rossi Net Worth

Who is Valentino Rossi and what is his net worth 2018? Probably one of the most universally recognisable figures in international bike racing, Valentino Rossi stands for everything racing. Starting off very young in the world of racing saw him winning his first racing title at the young age of 18. And there has been no looking back since, making and breaking records, and winning titles all over the place.

At the age of 38, he is already a legend in racing worldwide, and like any avid racer has a few pre-race rituals such as bending down and holding on to the right-side foot-peg of his bike with his head bowed down. His explanation or this weird pre-ride ritual is that it is his own way of “talking” to his bike and gaining focus.

Valentino Rossi Net Worth

His achievements in the field of racing read like a never ending list that seems to grow as you read it! As established as he is in his chosen field, he is white discreet about his personal life and prefers to fly under the radar. The son of the motorcycle racer Graziano Rossi, Valentino was given a kart instead of a bike as a child as his mother was understandably worried about his safety.

As soon as he turned five, his feeble 60cc motor was changed to a 100cc motor for higher speed which paid off by him winning the local kart championship in 1990. The year end of 1991 saw Rossi become an expert in minibike riding along with winning several awards. Post winning the bike championship in 1994, he went on to train for 125cc racing bikes, seeing him win the Italian 125cc championship in 1995.

Winning everything from the 1997 125cc World Championship that took place in Aprilia becoming the youngest ever rider to win this title, repeating the feat in 1999 for the 250cc category. The same goes for the 500cc Word championship in 2000. The end of the year 2013 saw him winning a total of 106 races, out of which 80 belonged to 500cc championships.

Valentino Rossi Net Worth

With a net worth of $150 Million, Valentino Rossi is easily one of the richest athletes on the face of the earth. Most of his wealth comes from race winnings, endorsements and licensing royalties. His sheer fame alone would account for most of his wealth in terms of money the benefits that roll in on a regular basis in terms of endorsements for world-wide brands.

Going by the moniker and nickname “The Doctor” and always riding with the same number 46 that his father used to ride with, this racer hailing from Italy prefers to work hard and stay away from the public limelight as much as possible. Grounded as always in life as well as his profession, he is already a legend amongst non-racing enthusiasts as well.

Valentine Rossi can be compared to other racing greats such as Michael Schumacher and similar contemporaries in terms of consistency, winning streak and enhanced reputation amongst other racers. Anyone who is new to the sport of racing can start off with researching about Valentino Rossi to find out what an ideal racer is like.