Sebastian Vettel Net Worth

Who is Sebastian Vettel? What is net worth of Sebastian Vettel? It was 3rd of July, 1987 when a great Formula 1 racer Sebastian Vettel was born in Heppenhiem, West Germany. He spent his childhood dreaming to be a great singer like Michel Jackson who was his idol as a child. However destiny had something else in store for him. Who knew that his life would become so fast paced both in terms of racing and otherwise. As a child his fancy got him interested in karting at an unbelievable age of just 3. For this sport he also won several awards besides roaring accolades and also got selected as a junior ‘Red Bull Team’ as the age of 11. His series of awards and recognition as a Karting champion included German Junior Karting Championship, Monaco Kart Cup, European Junior Karting Championship and Senior ICA Kart Championship among many others.

However, as a youth he went on to upgrade himself to Formula 1 racing. As a debutant Sebastian Vettel drove in Formula BMW Germany Championship, 2003. This star racer was able to secure a 3rd position as a new comer. From then onward there was no looking back for him. In his childhood, Vettel was a crazy fan of Michal Schumacher and destiny made him trot on this veteran and legendary Formula One Racer. He dusted off grounds in all other championships to come. This ‘Baby Schumacher’ won two back to back races when he appeared for Ranault in the world racing for the first time. The saga of this unstoppable fire was ignited forever after.

Sebastian Vettel Net Worth 2017-2018

But as the saying goes on, behind every successful person is a loving family to cheer and encourage. Sebastian Vettel has one of a kind family too. Very possessive for his family, Sebastian likes to keep his family life both low profiled and private. He is a proud son of father Norbert and mother Heike. This star racer has a younger brother Fabian and two elder sisters Melanie and Stefani who he adores to the moon and back. Sebastian met his now wife and then girlfriend Hanna Prater at school that was located near Starkenburg Gymnasiam. With her, Vettel has two endearing daughters Emilie and Matilda.

Education: Sebastian Vettel did apparently go to school at Happenheim’s Starkenburg Gymnasium High School but he barely managed to keep his head up in pool of books. His passion did obviously call him somewhere else. By the time he ended school, he had already made firm ground in racing. Over books, however, he met his forever after, Hanna, in this school. She was one year junior to Vettel but had won this champion’s heart full of love for her.

Sebastian Vettel Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Formula 1 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel is an unimaginable $60 million US dollars as of 2017. Through his winnings, he makes a neat $60 million and through different endorsements he is able to chunk out an extra $1 million. He currently drives for Red Bull. Must say, it’s commendable how this star racer shone his fortune so bright with his hard work. Not only is it inspiring but it’s also an exceptional example of a man’s might in making his dreams come true by hook or by crook.

Sebastian Vettel Assets

To start with Sebastian Vettel has his childhood home in Happenheim, Germany. He spent his childhood and most part of his youth in this house. It was the same house where Vettel’s journey as a Karting Driver started at the age of 3. It’s a sure thing that this house despite all others has nurtured his childhood and where he made a trail of memories. In the later part of his youth, Vettel moved to Switzerland where he rented a Lakeview apartment. Soon after, he bought a stunning home in Switzerland itself. Coming down to his flying asset, this F1 Racer has his own private helicopter called ‘Little Bull’. Well… it doesn’t stop here. Our World Racing Champion owns a series of sexy cars one can forever dream of owning.

The gorgeous cars parked in his garage includes MINI Countryman, Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Black Series, an irresistible Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettal version, a silver BMW X3, and a sultry Fiat 500 among others. Woah! This is called being rich with a great deal of an appeal.

Sebastian Vettel Business Model

Sebastian Vettel made a tremendous fortune of $60 million with ‘World Constructor Championship’ and ‘Formula 1 World Championship’. Apart from earning high end from racing, Vettel endorses a number of brands. A few being as follows:-

– Cassio
– Tirendo
– Infiniti
– Peppe Jeans

Racing currently for Ferrai, Sebastian Vettel has given out his verdict on the car saying that the new Ferrai car is a ‘step forward’. Well… the racing champ said this right after the SF-70 debuted on track. Sebastian Vettel left behind the new Mercedes recruit Valtteri Botas. Both Ferrai and Mercedes were the first to sway the track in Spain.

Sebastian Vettel is not just a name anymore. It’s a ground breaking brand in itself. The fact that Vettel is a resounding nod to power and speed is evident both from his paycheck and the car brands that die to recruit him as their racer. Coming from an ordinary German family, this champ has shown the world what passion and persistence can do to you. Every single thing about Vettel is an exemplary tale of colossal eminence.

His journey from a noteworthy Kart racer to an astonishing Formula 1 racer has inspired and thrilled masses across the globe. It is said that a great man’s sturdiness is measured by his humility and surely Vettel is one of the most humble man walking in this snobbish world. The rough terrain of challenges that his sporting career brought and the indomitable vigor with which he kept tackling them has today made Sebastian Vettel what he is.