Scotty Cranmer Net Worth

Who is Scotty Cranmer? What is net worth of Scotty Cranmer? Scotty Cranmer is a talented American BMX rider since last many years. There may be confusion about how this athlete rose to fame in BMX riding, his education, assets, news, etc. which can be cleared by reading below sections:

Scotty Cranmer Biography and Family

Scotty Cranmer was born on January 11, 1987 in Jackson Township, located in New Jersey and he primarily recognized as a BMX rider. Cranmer has a younger brother named Matty who is also a BMX rider following his footsteps. Cranmer is associated with Dave Mirra for the majority of X Games BMX Park medals with nine in total, three each in gold, silver and bronze for fourteen appearances he made. Whilst Cranmer woke up in the back of the stadium during his one of the match, he felt a sore pain about his mouth.

Scotty Cranmer Net Worth 2017-2018

Recognized as one of the most short-tempered riders in the field, Cranmer pools huge tricks with an amazing level of practical skill and always discovers better ways to make his riding sole. Cranmer has thrice congested the X Games Park three-peat efforts of others (like Mirra in year 2006 and Dhers in years 2009 and 2012) on his approach to three gold of his personal achievement. In year 2013, Cranmer was the only XG Park rider to receive two medals in the three events being organized. After winning bronze medal in year 2015, Cranmer teamed up with Mirra (9) for the maximum total medals in the particular discipline. His full-course style, full-speed, continuously makes him one of the most modest riders in this field.

This BMX rider who was nicknamed as the Bulldozer won his first X Games gold medal in year 2006, in his early career. Till date, Cranmer won over half a dozen total medals at the X Games in which he remained a contestant. Apart from this, he is also a four-time AST Dew Tour finisher at the first place.

Cranmer was stimulated to make career into BMX riding after observing the sport’s early greats like rider named Mat Hoffman.

Education: Scotty Cranmer studied at Jackson Memorial High School and as an alternative of pursing college degree; he decided to be a professional biker.

Scotty Cranmer Net Worth

The assessed total net-worth of Scotty Cranmer is around $0.9 million US dollars as of 2017. Cranmer rose to fame and gained majority of his earning by being a BMX rider and winning over in X Games. Cranmer owns a YouTube channel which has over 770,000 subscribers till year 2016 and has gathered over 140 million views till date, this adds to his net-worth. It is capable to receive an average of 430,000 views every day and so it makes approximate revenue of about $650 per day ($240,000 a year) from ads that operate on his videos.

Scotty Cranmer Assets

There is no wonder that Cranmer can afford to live in a great house and drive luxurious cars because of his success and high net-worth. Among his vast car collection, Cranmer owns Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R and Audi R8 which is a V10 super sport that many people fantasy of.

Scotty Cranmer Business Model

Scotty Cranmer is widely recognized for possessing a YouTube channel running under the name- Scotty Cranmer. Till February 2017, the channel has gathered over 817,000 subscribers as well as 150 million total views after releasing his first video in year 2015, making him a business model.

Cranmer is sponsored by Hyper Bike Co., Vans Shoes, Pro-tec Helmets, Fox Clothing, Monster Energy Drink and Snafu. He also possesses a bike shop in Howell, NJ named as SC Action Sports Bicycle shop.

In October 2016, Cranmer met with an accident while he was busy shooting a film session. Cranmer was shooting in Las Vegas with his Monster Energy team mates on the night of October 12th and fixed his front wheel in a hole. This hurled Cranmer into a face plant without much time to try his hands in front of him, facing many facial fractures, brainy haemorrhage and injury to his C4 and C5 vertebrae. Cranmer also broke his back while participating in the 2016 X Games recently.

Scotty Cranmer is a professional biker identified mainly as BMX rider and X Games player. Cranmer career shines with gold, silver and bronze medals won till date through his consistent perseverance.