Ken Roczen Net Worth 2018

Who is Ken Roczen and what is his net worth 2018? The well known German professional motocross and supercross racer, Ken Roczen who born on 29th April 1994 in Mattstedt, Germany. He is one of the successful motocross racers who achieved many big titles at a very young age. Ken is an MX2-class motocross world champion,450-class US motocross champion and 250-class west supercross champion.

If you are following Ken and a great fan of this racer or If you want to know more about his titles, Net worth and Love life then keep reading this post. we are sure the statics will surprise you.

Ken Roczen Net Worth


In 2013 Ken Roczen easily won the title of Monster Energy Supercross 250 West Championship. After this achievement, he was upgraded to a 450 for Red Bull KTM Racing in 2014. Ken got an incredible beginning by getting an unexpected win at Anaheim I by holding off James Stewart Jr. for it.

As far back as Red Bull, the title was down to Roczen and Dungey. Be that as it may, at the Utah National, Roczen secured the title. In August not long after, he marked with RCH Suzuki for 2015. In the wake of having the #1 rank (Previous Champion) in the 2015 Lucas Oil Pro MX arrangement, he couldn’t stay aware of the 2015 Super Cross champion Ryan Dungey who took the title.

Ken Roczen is one of the popular names of motocross racing. It is not only the accidents which put him in the news but also the successful winning of titles and a huge section of fan following is the reason behind his popularity. We looked for him on the internet and shocked to find that at a very young age he made himself the winner of such amazing titles.

These are the following titles which are won by this amazing bike racer in given mentioned years.

• Junior World Champion 85ccm in 2007
• German ADAC MX Masters Champion in 2009
• German ADAC MX Masters Champion in 2010
• Motocross World Champion MX2 in 2011
•1st place at Motocross des Nations (MxoN) in Lommel (Belgium) in 2012
• US West Coast Supercross Champion 250SX in 2013
• Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, Platz 1 450 Class championship & Anaheim 1 champion in2014
• Monster Energy Cup in 2015
• Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship in 2016

Net Worth of Ken Roczen

The game of moto crossing both dangerous as well as interesting at the same time. If you are a fan of this sport then you have an idea about how much money a successful Bike racer makes with the winning of titles and the brand endorsements. This German motocross racer has won several titles which are also mentioned above and made a nice fortune. Annual salary of this racer is almost $400,000 including bonuses. The net worth of Ken Roczen is approximate $3.2 million. We are sure in the coming years he will make more.

We can state clearly a certain something. Mariah and Courtney both have something in common. Unmistakably Roczen has entirely particular kind of ladies he enjoys dating with. We are waiting for his confirmation about his personal life and keen to know who is the lady that stole his heart or still he is looking for someone.

Roczen is a young daredevil and being a motocross racer he is winning hearts of many. At a very young age, he had won many great titles and he is all set to conquer the arena of motocross racing. He is enjoying a huge adventurous journey of his life. But some turns are yet to be taken. We, the fans of his game support him to the end of it and wish for a healthy and successful career of this motocross racer.