Ken Block Net Worth

Kenneth Block is formerly known as Ken Block in the motorcar industry and who is famous as a motorcar rally specialist driver. Ken is a talented rally driver who has participated in several rally tournaments and car rally competitions. The net worth of Ken Block is astonishingly impressive as he has an exclusive performance the in rally race. When he drives he steals the attention of the people and audiences with his brilliant driving skill. Ken Block net worth signifies his vigorous talent in car racing.

Ken Block Biography

Ken Block is an American by birth and was born on 21st November 1967 in California in the United States. Ken got world recognition for his amazing driving skill and made a building image in the motorcar rally race.

Ken Block Net Worth 2017-2018

In 1999, Ken Block got married to Tracy Montgomery who was a well-known writer by profession. But it was in the news that the couple soon ends up in divorce.

Later after some time, Ken got hitched to Lucy Block who is now his present wife. They together have three children.

In 2005, Ken Block started his career with the motorcar industry as a skillful rally driver with the Vermont Sports Car Team. He made an exceptional career in the rally industry with his mesmerizing performance. He has accomplished his dream with enormous achievement in his rally career.

In 1995, Ken co-founded the popular American sports brand ‘DC Shoes’.

Apart from rallying, Ken has also participated in many other sports tournaments and competition in his life. He has taken an active part in other sports like snowboarding, Skateboarding, and other major sports.

Ken performed his first rally competition with the ‘Sno*Drift event’.

He also took an active part in the ‘Rally America National Championship’.

Ken is a spontaneous rally driver who has taken part in several rally tournaments all across the world. This include ‘X Games Rally Event’, ‘Global RallyCross Championship’, ‘World Rally Championship’, ‘Rally America’, ‘FIA World RallyCross Championship’, ‘FIA ERX Supercar Championship’, ‘Canadian Rally Championship, and much more in his rally career and more to come in the coming years.

Ken has a magnificent score board in his rally career with top racing performance.

He has earned so much of honor and appreciation from the people and also from media that he was featured on the television in the ‘Top Gear’ sports show.

Apart from the reality driver, he has been featured in the game version of EA Sports ‘Need for Speed’.

Ken Block has gained glorious success with name, fame, and glamor that has helped him to achieve a secure position in life by winning several tournaments and events.

In 2009, Ken has made his own sports video on his You Tube channel and named it as ‘Gymkhana’. This video over the night has achieved huge popularity with driving stunts and skills.

Ken has performed various driving stunts which were the life challenging risk he used to take during the events and tournaments. One such stunt he used during driving is ‘Donut’.

1. Ken Block has achieved the America Rookie of the Year Award with his excellent rally performance.
2. In 2006, Ken was awarded a bronze medal at the X Games rally event.
3. Again in 2016, Ken was presented with the 2016 Autoweek Car Culture Award.
4. In 2012, Ken was presented with a silver medal at the X Games XVIII.

Ken Block Net Worth and Income Profile in 2017

Ken Block is undoubtedly a brilliant rally drive with magnificent potential and caliber. Throughout his rally career, he has made enormous earnings and exceptional profit. He has participated in several tournaments and has won over many rally race with a glorious victory and privileged with extraordinary earnings which is absolutely noteworthy to notice. It is estimated that his total net worth is over $230 million US dollars as of 2017.

Ken Block is an extraordinary man with extraordinary talent and plenty of potential as a rally driver. He has made people awestruck with his driving stunts and acts. This exclusive talent makes him exceptionally special from other rally drivers.