Josh Cartu Net Worth 2019

Who is Josh Cartu and what is his net worth 2019? Josh Cartu was born on March 11, 1979. His full name is Josh Michael Cartu. He is a Hungarian race car driver. He currently resides in Budapest. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. Apart from being the car racer, he is Ferrari Club president and entrepreneur. He is a well renowned personality in the racing world of Israel, US and Europe. When he was a kid he never dreamed of becoming a race driver. He dreamed of becoming an astronaut or a fighter pilot of a space shuttle.

He is currently training the team AF Corse Italia. Giancarlo Fisichella, Gianmaria Bruni, and Michele Rugolo are in the team AF Corse Italia. As an entrepreneur, he serves the advisory board of the Briggs Automotive Company. He produced Bac Mono cars with his friend Deadmau5. Deadmau5 is the house music producer.

Josh Cartu Net Worth

Net Worth of Josh Cartu

He has a net worth of $6 million. His most of his income comes from the racing. He is the Ferrari test pilot and the most of his income comes from Ferrari test piloting. He acquired his maximum part of the net worth from the race Gumball 3000. At that time he was the member of team WolfPack. In this net worth, his assets, his houses, his car collections and others valuable items are included. This brings his net worth close to the $6 million.

He is one of the richest car drivers in the world. He might be quite old but his assets are still worth noticing. He is in news that he is adding new cars in his collection. After having gifted some Ferrari cars, he also owns cars from different brands. He has Ferrari F12 in his fleet. This Ferrari is custom made and is very pleasing to look in its red colour.

Josh Cartu is not dependent on one of the job. He has diversified his income by taking part in racing, entrepreneurship as well. So, he is at very low risk that if one of his occupation collapses, he will still be on the safe side. So, the Josh Cartu business model is such that one is at a very small risk if the depression comes once again. Josh Cartu has taken hold of the advisory committee of Briggs Automative Company and he is earning a lot from it as well.

One must not ignore the race called Gumball 3000 because this is the race that made Josh Cartu famous in the world. So, when you are talking much of Josh Cartu, do know that the Gumball3000 race is one of the most important races in his lifetime that made him famous or we can say that put him in the limelight. From that day, he ascended the heights of his career. At that time he played for the team WolfPack.

No matter what your age is but when it comes to Josh Cartu he is still energetic and enthusiastic about cars and car racing. He has dedicated his life to car racing and now he is well serving the Ferrari company. No matter what turns his business model is quite diversified that in case economical depression hit the world market ever, he will be the one of the racers who will be least affected.

Moreover, he is now one of the people who has earned a lot of money from the car racing even in the days when car racing was not much of a sports. Had he taken car racing now, he would be even richer than Josef Newgarden but he is quite satisfied with his life and we wish him good luck for his future endeavours.