Jos Verstappen Net Worth

Who is Jos Verstappen and what is his net worth 2018? Jos Verstappen was born on March 4, 1972. He is racing driver from the Netherlands. He is one of the famous F1 drivers because he has already won races in A1Grand Prix and Le Mans Series LMP2. Before he was introduced to formula one racing, he was formula three championship. He was also masters of Formula Three winner in 1993.

He was a child prodigy. He started karting at the age of 8 and soon he developed interested in karting and racing cars. He also took part in national championships in karting and performed tremendously. In the year of 1984, he was the one who won the Dutch junior championship in Netherlands. From that day even his parents started paying attention to his career as a formula driver. Even after this win, he did not stop. He also won European titles.

Jos Verstappen Net Worth

Jos Verstappen Net Worth

Jos Verstappen net worth is $3.2 million. He has been driving for Benetton motors. After the Benetton completed the offer, he continued his racing careers with Simtek, Honda and Minardi. When the year 2006 approached he became Formula One racer for Netherlands. This is how he has been accumulating his wealth since then. Most of his income comes from the races and do not underestimate the wealth that racing gives to any driver.

Racing requires skills and sophisticated engineering. That is the reason why motor companies give so much money to the racers. Joe also earned money this way. But apart from this, he also made money from brand endorsements. He has endorsed brands such as Dunlop tyres. He has also appeared in the car advertisement of Lotus Opel. He is regarded as one of the most experienced drivers of the Formula Racing world.

He owns a villa in the Belgium. The city was revealed as Maaseik. He has immense car collection. Some of them were gifted by the companies itself. Well, he usually drives the Audi and Mercedes. He rarely uses the Lotus that was gifted to him by an anonymous fan of Jos Verstappen.

Jos Verstappen is mostly concerned about his racings. He is not much into endorsements that he specially does not use. He says that one should not endorse brands that they don’t use. Joe is not very greedy about the money. He focuses on his health and learning the new techniques of racing. Now, he has focuses his goal to train his son Max Verstappen to make him a better Formula Race driver than ever.

He is best with driving Lotus Opel formula racing one cars. So, whenever he drives the Lotus Formula One car, one must not miss seeing his race performance. When he drives Lotus, he drives it so fast but keeping in mind that he drives it smoothly to entertain the eyes of the spectators sitting nearby.

When he was completed with the term of Lotus Opel, he took hold of Honda. Honda motors was also one of his favourite motor designs that enabled him to take the cuts as per his wishes. He continues to drive Honda and Lotus Opel for his personal entertainment as well.

Jos Verstappen is now teaching nooks and crannies of the racing. He is telling that his experience is one of the most important asset that he can gift his son Max Verstappen. Max Verstappen has been recently been in a racing car competition, where he performed very well by following the advice’s and tricks of his father Jos Verstappen. It is never seen that Jos has missed any race of Max Verstappen.

Jos Verstappen is truly an inspirational as a father as well. He is one of the most experienced drivers of Formula One racing. His favourite car has been Lotus Opel in the formula once racing. He is not retired yet but he has been focusing his goal to train his son Max Verstappen who is actually more talented and trained than his father. Jos quality time with his son has taught him a lot about Formula racing and both the son and dad are keen to compete with each other very soon in the future.