Doug Kalitta Net Worth 2019

Who is Doug Kalitta and what is his net worth 2019? There are different types of motor racing events in the world. The mire common among them are the Formula 1 and other Formula series racing. However, drag racing is also a very popular sport in many countries. When you speak of drag racing, the contribution of the Kalitta family merits a mention. One of the greatest drag racers has been Connie Kalitta. One of the racers, Scott Kalitta has lost his life as well participating in this sport. His cousin Doug Kalitta is a famous drag racer himself.

Early Life

Born on 20 August 1964, Doug Kalitta is the son of Doug Kalitta Sr. Belonging to an auto racing family from Ypsilanti, Michigan. Doug had an interest in motor racing since a young age. In addition, he belonged to the motor manufacturing hub in the world, Michigan. Nephew of the great Connie Kalitta, it did not take much time for Doug to try out his hand at the sport. However, one can state that he started out quite late in his career at the age of 27 years.

Doug Kalitta Net Worth

In spite of a late start to his career, he has won about 42 races. That places him among the top echelons in his sport. If you take his 87 career final round appearances, he is truly a legend in his own right. There are many categories in the drag car racing championships. Doug Kalitta is a champion in the fuel drag racing category.

On the personal front, Doug Kalitta is leading a happy life with his wife Josie Kalitta. The couple has a son, Mitchell Kalitta and a daughter, Avery Kalitta. Doug is a joint owner of the family based business, Kalitta Airlines. The speciality of this airline is that the US Government has authorised this airline company to carry the remains of martyred soldiers.

Education: Not much information is available on the internet about the education qualifications of Doug Kalitta. However, one can presume that he had a good education because he came from a rich family. He started his career quite late as well. All these factors point to the fact that he might have spent the formative years of his life in securing a good education. Moreover, he is running a business successfully. One cannot expect to do so without a sound educational base.

Net Worth of Doug Kalitta

Doug Kalitta has a net worth of about $8.4 million. Everyone knows from where Doug has amassed his millions. A major chunk has come from his airline company. His racing exploits have also netted in a huge amount. He participates in a different category of car racing. If he had done in the popular categories such as the Formula series, he would have had much higher earnings. Considering that he is fifth on the all-time fuel car drag racing winners, one can accept his income as correct.

Though not much is available anywhere, one can always assume that he must be having all the assets in the world. With a worth of $8.4 million, the assumption cannot be wrong. However, he can also consider his family as his greatest assets. They have been with him through thick and thin. The Kalitta Family has gone through tough times like the death of Scott Kalitta.

Drag racing is synonymous with the Kalitta surname. One of the greatest drag racing champions is Connie Kalitta. Doug Kalitta is a great racer in his own right. He is the co-owner of Kalitta Charters, an airline company authorised to transport the martyred remains of soldiers.

He is still active on the racing scene. Whenever there is a mention about drag racing, the name of Kalitta should do the rounds.

The major champions have all belonged to the Kalitta family. The greatest of them all, Connie Kalitta and Doug Kalitta belong to this family. They have contributed a great deal to this unique sport, drag car racing. This family should take the credit for making this sport popular.