Big Chief Net Worth

For the street racing lover, Big chief is a well-known name. He is an American street racer and a television personality. Justin Shearer popularly known with name Big Chief is a famous name in the world of racing and cross the threshold of this profession at very young age. His passion for car is the chief driving force behind the reality television show “Street Outlaw”. The show was a major hit which makes him an overnight sensation. So, how much this racer owns? How much is Big Chief’s net worth? Let’s find out.

Big Chief was born on 9, 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky. Chief has a sting passion for cars since childhood. At the tender age of nine, he would head down the road on his bike to watch street races on Old Route 66. His mother was always his source of energy and motivation. She worked as a nurse. He along with his brother were raised by their mother only. The family moved to Oklahoma when he was twelve years old.

Big Chief Net Worth 2017-2018

There, his passion for racing grown by leaps and bounds and he got more into the racing scene. A 1972 Pontiac LeMans was his first car which he later named as “The Crow”. He not only renamed, but gave it a whole new by doing numerous modification and customization.

He added a machine, changed the engine, ported heads, and a customized valve train. His energy drinks are his life saver.Not much of facts are available about him; it seems he doesn’t like paparazzi to interfere much.

His love of life is racing and Allicia Shearer. The duo has been married since September 29, 2006. Together the couple are proud parents of two sons; the family is living happily ever after in the Oklahoma City area.

Before making this debut into the television industry he worked at a business known as Midwest Street Cars for quite a few years. His life and passion for racing reach at entire new horizon in 2013 when he got the offer of a reality television racing show “Street Outlaws” on Discovery Channels.

This show gave an extensive platform to the street racer to showcase their skills and talent. As the show was first of its kind, people liked at its first glance. Till date, the show has come up with nine successful seasons which helped him to give name and fame, plus several injuries. As they say “speed thrills, Speed Kills” he also got hit by speed.

On November 14, Big Chief got seriously injured in an intense car crash that left Justin with a broken collarbone and a crushed L2 and L3 in his back. Apart from this show, he owns “The List,” which is a tally of the 10 best street racers in Oklahoma City.

He may have short of trophies, but the love of his fan leaves him as a billionaire.

How much is Big Chief net worth in 2017

As of 2017, this zestful and adventure lover car racer has an estimated net worth of around $2.5 million US dollars. The major chunk of income comes from “Street Outlaws”.

Big Chief’s passion took him to at the pinnacle of success. His enthusiasm gave rise to a whole new show. We wish he will have something new and exciting for his audiences in near future as well.