Axell Hodges Net Worth 2019

Who is Axell Hodges and what is his net worth 2019? Axelll Hodges is an X-Games motocross racer. He was born on 20th August 1996 in Encinitas, California. He is also known as Slay. He started riding at an early age of eight years. His favourite track to race is Pala Raceway and his favourite pro riders are Chad Reed & Jeremy McGrath. He is riding since last 10 years.

Winning Loretta Lynns was one of the most memorable races of him. His brothers and father were the reason behind he got interested in MX. He saw them riding and it attracted him and since then he never looked back and turned down his passion for racing. His mother cannot watch him racing because she gets nervous while doing that.

Axell Hodges Net Worth

During childhood, his biggest inspiration was Jeremy McGrath and he grew up with him. He was lucky to get many sources of inspiration around him which encouraged him to do a lot better than themselves always and he proved them right with his appreciable success. Currently, there are not any updates of him dating anyone.

Education: Being very young presently he is attending his high school. Even though his first priority shall always remain racing which is indeed his passion. Since childhood, he dreams of achieving a gold medal in racing which he has mentioned in many of his interviews.


To train himself as a motorcyclist he used to ride bike and mountain bike around his area and he had some gym training as well. It indicates that how serious he was about the racing.

He was the only rookie and he is the youngest rider to complete more than five years in the field of X Games. He rode at the opening ceremony of 333 MX Park in Victorville along with Broc Tickle.

In 2015, he was the second runner up of Monster Energy Cup. He was the champion of the 2012 Loretta Lynn’s C class.

In 2016, he was the youngest competitor in the field. He competed for Best whip at X Austin Games 2016 and he finished achieving the second place with a silver medal. He also enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, and BMX biking. Through his dedication, hard work and true efforts he has proved that what it takes to become successful and shining on the top.

Net Worth of Axell Hodges

He is equally popular on Facebook and twitter as well. His estimated net worth is around $600 thousand and is rapidly growing. He has sponsored by Monster, Fox, Spy, Dunlop tires, and so on. Racing is solely the source of such an excellent net worth. Soon a movie based on his journey will make him even more popular across the globe.

Being a racer he has an awesome collection of bikes. One from his marvellous collection is a Honda CRF 250/450 which is a luxurious bike and he loves to ride it.

Being a racer his income mainly revolves around the profession of racing only. He has earned a great wealth for himself over the years. His great wealth includes stock investment, luxurious properties, racing tournaments, sponsorship, endorsements and so on.

This racer has achieved huge popularity and success at a very early age and he has set an incredible example before the people who aspire to achieve something and big and living their dreams. Today his name is taken among one of the most renowned racers and he is the youngest one who managed to do so. Her popularity is increasing day by day with a great pace. We wish this young and handsome racer all the luck, wealth and success for the upcoming future and may he keeps growing like this forever.