Adam LZ Net Worth

Who is Adam LZ? What is net worth of Adam LZ? Adam LZ is an active BMX rider and a renowned You tuber. He was born on 5th May 1995 in Woodbury, Connecticut. He was raised in a farmer town in Connecticut Called Woodbury. His full name is Adam Lizotte Zeisler. He is popular over the YouTube like anything and the most of his fame has come from YouTube.

He got married to Nicole Frye in 2016 who is his long-term girlfriend. His wife is a social media star and a YouTube star as well.

Adam LZ Net Worth 2017-2018

Education: He attended the University of Central Florida to pursue a degree in business management mainly focused on entrepreneurship. He completed the degree there but he was more serious about racing.

Career: Before fame, he along with his friends used to make videos for the sake of fun since they started riding. Before BMX he was an active wakeboard rider and he was looking for a future towards this sport. When he got bored of riding wakeboard he started riding BMX. He got famous through posting his BMX webisodes on a YouTube channel called LZBMX. He posts stunt videos, drifting videos, vlogs and much more content for his channel on the YouTube. The videos posted by him end up getting many likes in a short span of time since their uploading.

Through his videos over YouTube, he provides tutorials for BMX riding. Moreover, he teaches other things like 360s and barspins. Some of his most popular videos are Scaring My Mom in Her Own Car, Walmart Game of Bike and Webisode 44-Canada which left everyone spellbound. He is quite popular among the youth because of his stunt videos uploaded on YouTube and he has many followers.

He runs an online store of branded goodies with the address which provides a huge variety of frames, guard sprockets and tires and it has become a huge success over the years since its establishment. He corporate James Harvey for this business and they both are earning great profit from this venture.

So Adam is a skilled racer and he has got a sharpened mind to apply to the business as well. Through this wonderful combination he has achieved huge success at a very young age and he is still continuing to grow and soon he will be on the top.

Adam LZ Net Worth

His estimated net worth is around $0.7 million US dollars as of 2017 and is rapidly increasing day by day. This young racer cum You tuber has over 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube. He has an estimated net worth of around $0.7 million despite his young age. He has his own warehouse in Florida. His channel has accumulated over 250 million views since its starting. His channel gets him an estimated revenue of around $750 regularly and $270,000 yearly from advertisements. He has a huge fan following and he is quite popular over the social media networking sites.

Adam LZ Assets

ADAM has a great and impressive car collection which he has earned through his online business. Some of the best of his collection are BMW 335i, Nissan 240SX, Mazda Miata and Mini Cooper S. These cars are valued up to millions of dollars which indicate that he is really fond of speed and cars.

Adam LZ Business

He runs his own clothing brand titled LZMBX. He is successfully running an online store. He has earned approximately a total amount of $500 thousand through YouTube. Further, he also earns money as a riding teacher who teaches other the tactics of riding. He is a BMX instructor as well. Plus some other sources of his income are endorsements, sponsorships, advertisements, stock investments, property investment and so on.

Recently, in March 2017 Adam and Nicole brought home a new car named Nissan 240sx which is a sports car produced by Nissan in North American Market. Adam gave this wonderful news through various social media platforms.

This young and speedy racer is quite popular across the globe. He has made a successful name for himself which is one of the renowned names in the racing industry. His passion for racing was his calling and he has proved that he was absolutely right at choosing racing as a profession. Her hard work and efforts have earned him a lot which can only be dreamt of by many people. We wish him all the luck and success for future and may he keeps shining like a star forever.