Paul Rodriguez Net Worth

Who is Paul Rodriguez and what is his net worth 2018? Paul Rodriguez Jr. was born on December 31, 1984, and raised in Tarzana, CA, USA. P-rod always has a burning passion towards skateboards and the techniques related to the sport, Paul always found the world of skateboarding fascinating. Paul’s very first skateboard was gifted by his parents on Christmas when he was twelve, he was delighted to receive his present and slept with it. Paul’s father is revered comedian/actor Paul Rodriguez who is from Mexican decent. Paul’s family utterly supported him in pursuit of his passion.

Paul got his first interaction with competitive skateboard happened when he was fourteen years old. He was a very introverted kid so he asked his friend to summit his “Sponsor me” video tape to Netkin whereupon watching his skill Andy Netkin immediately contacted his friend and asked him to bring Paul to the shop. He was enrolled in the group of skateboarders run by the local skateboard store called “One Eighteen” managed by Andy Netkin himself.

Paul Rodriguez Net Worth 2018-2019

Paul’s talent was irrefutable and got the attention he deserved when DNA skateboard sponsored him and became Paul’s first sponsor, he did the 1999 video called Microanalysis partnered with DNA skateboard. Later on, he worked with city star company owned my revered skateboarder Kareem Campbell in L.A, the USA for the video called Street Cinema, in spite of being an amateur his skills and technique were praised.

Being on a team filled with star players influenced Paul gravely from his technique to his taste in music and accessories, he got interested into artists like Jay-z and jewellery, bracelet. Paul was featured in Transworld Skateboarding and Girl Skateboards video in 2002 which embarked his journey as a professional. Girl company backed him from age seventeen to nineteen during the time he appeared in many videos by the company. Eventually leaving Girl Paul signed PLAN-B deck band.

Paul reassessed his single titled Me, Myself and I. The video helped his career to reach its acme. In 2014, Paul launched his own skateboard company called Primitive Skateboarding following his success he signed a deal with Nike and designed his collection of sports shoes. Rodriguez is starred in a web series based on his life thus called LIFE. The series is in collaboration with The Network A company. The series was released on their YouTube channel from June 23, 2013. Paul has been awarded “Rookie of the Year” from skateboarding publication in 20012.

He has won several big medals during his career in skateboarding like X-Games winning GOLD in 2004-5-9-12, SILVER in 2008-13 and BRONZE in 2003, Dew Action Sports Tour placing fourth in 2005, second in 2008, second in 2011, third in 2013 and he also participated in competitions like Tampo Pro, Street league skateboarding, battle at the berrics he secured excellent positions.

Education: Skateboarding being Paul’s only passion and thrived to do good in the profession. Paul went to Birmingham High School in Van Nuys, CA. Though, Paul’s prime attention was on skateboarding and he did exceptionally great in the field, no one seems to pay much of an attention over his education background but Paul Rodriguez did value education. That’s why he went to the university for further education.

Paul Rodriguez Net Worth

Paul Rodriguez has a net worth of $6.6 Million. He’s well known in skateboarding world therefore seizing big sponsors like target, Glassy Sunhaters sunglasses, Nixon Watches, Incase Designs, Primitive Skateshop, Glassy Sunhaters, Markisa, Venture, Andalé Bearings and more besides he is a businessperson as he owns the Primitive and Markisa skateboard company.

Paul Rodriguez lives with his gorgeous wife Rainbow Alexander and daughter Heaver Love in Northridge, California. Paul has a mansion where he resides, the mansion costs him $8 million. Paul also owns a private park about skateboard in California, U.S. It features portions from his sponsors and he designed the park himself.

In addition to being a successful skateboarder, Paul is an entrepreneur and manage both profession outstandingly. Paul get along with his sponsors as well as continued to charm more through is skills. Paul is passionate towards his aim and flourish to be better. He owns his very own skateboarding company and handle all of the work together remarkably so earning abundantly.

His skateboarding video just been released sponsored by his own company Primitive video called pain is beauty. He was placed second in Battle at the Berrics.

Won Street League Skateboarding, came third in Dew Action Sports Tour, won a silver medal in X Games. He maintained his media influence despite being on hiatus from skateboarding.

Paul Rodrigues has achieved a lot during his career and more to add in his ever-growing list of achievement. He has done incredibly good in both the field of skateboarding and business ship. He’s been achieving greater success day by day. Th Mexican hunk isn’t afraid to take any risk and always tries to find more venture to experiment with. Paul conatal works hard on his skill and thrive for the best. He’s been leaving happily with his small family. He’d some recurring roles in movie and videos. Life has so much to offer to Paul Rodrigues. He still considers the best skateboarder among the world and had been named among the 30 “Most Influential Skaters of All Time” by skateboarding in 2011.