Paige Hathaway Net Worth

Who is Paige Hathaway and what is her net worth 2018? A well-known social media personality, Paige Hathaway is at her peak of her career and the figures of her Instagram followers says it all. Paige Hathaway, the trending fitness, and motivation guru have over 3.9 million Instagram followers who religiously dig all her content on fitness and motivation. She also owns a self-titled YouTube channel where her followers keep increasing. Day by day The small town Minnesota beauty was born was born on July 31, 1987. In one of her blogs in ‘About Me’ section, she mentions she never thought her passion and dedication to health fitness will someday turn into a booming career.

Paige Hathaway was born and brought in Minnesota. After moving from one place to another, currently, she resides on the southern side of Oklahoma. She seemed to have no strategic career plan in fitness as she started everything all of a sudden. In the year 2011, you would not have recognised Hathaway if you have seen her. She wasn’t the toned and fit woman she is today. In fact, she was more on the thin side and had hardly any muscle tone to show. Though she grew up playing soccer, Paige never really thought of making health her priority, leave alone pursuing a career on it.

Paige Hathaway Net Worth

Luck would have it Paige was approached by a trainer in a gym who discussed with her about maintaining a healthy diet and nutrition. She took proactive steps after that which needed her to come out of her comfort zone. Reportedly, she made her debut in a bikini competition after her talk with the trainer and there was no stepping back from there. Paige won the Flex Bikini Model Search 2013. She eventually decided she wanted to become a fit woman.

Career: Paige started lifting weights and pushing her limits to attain her goal which was to become as fit as she could be. She participated in the NPC competition, Ronnie Coleman Classic, which was the biggest competition state-wise in the United States. Paige managed to come up to second place and therein she got the much -needed motivation and exposure that kicked started her career. She was motivated to educate herself well on health and nutrition and started setting new fitness goals.

Paige attended all fitness expos and shows and counted on flyers to reach out to sponsors. The Break didn’t come easily to Paige. She had to put lots of labor and persistence before finally, companies in the industry started sponsoring her. She also took the right career move by taking help of social media to promote herself and motivate and inspire others to maintain fit health.

Hard work eventually paid off and in one years’ time, her fan following on Instagram grew from few hundreds to a half million. Paige is associated with companies in the industry and currently, she works for Shredz. She loves modelling, eating pizza and competing. Apart from that, the most fulfilling thing in her life is being able to help others maintain their health and achieve fitness goals. She finds it rewarding to be told, her story has inspired others to take her course. Paige’s height stands at 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 125 Lbs or 56 kgs.

Paige Hathaway Net Worth

The small town girl who started off sending flyers and strived to get a sponsorship initially, currently has an estimated net worth of about $3.4 million. With an abs to die for and the dedicated and motivating Instagram posts loaded with information that she shells out, her fan following only gets larger each day. Paige actively promotes her diet routine and exercise programs too.

There is nothing one cannot achieve if one is committed, hard working and proactive. Social media is a great way to promote your message and skills to a large audience. Paige Hathaway maximised it and it turned out to be a jackpot for her. Not only did she garner a million fan following, it drastically mounted her net worth while helping others at the same time. Her story can be yours too only if you have the courage to spread your wings and fly.