Kelly Slater Net Worth 2019

Who is Kelly Slater and what is his net worth 2019? Kelly Slater is known as an American based professional surfer familiar for his competitive ability as well as style. This celebrity has been capped World Surf League Champion a record for 11 times, comprising 5 successive titles during 1994 till 1998. He is known as the youngest (at age of 20) as well as the eldest (at age of 39) to get win for the title. Net worth of Kelly Slater is attained mainly from his career as a surfer, get further details below:

Early Life

Birthplace of Slater is Cocoa Beach, located in Florida, the place where he endures to live. He is a son of Judy and Stephen Slater. This surfer has one elder brother named Sean, and one younger brother named Stephen. Also, he has one teenage daughter – Taylor. During his pastime Slater likes playing guitar, creating sonnets, and passing great time with long-time girlfriend named Kalani Miller, who frequently travels and aids him on ASP World Tour.

Kelly Slater Net Worth

Slater too loves devoting time with lifelong friend named Derek Johnson. Few of his preferred surf spots comprise Mondos in Ventura, Kirra in Australia, Pipeline in Hawaii, Jeffreys Bay in South Africa, Taghazout in Morocco, Minis in Ireland, Veiny’s in New Zealand, Sebastian Inlet around his house in Florida as well as Soup Bowls in Barbados. Moreover, he is too a keen golfer, by a +2 handicap.

After being awarded the title prematurely formerly as an outcome of a mistake made by Association of Surfing Professionals (briefly as ASP), in year 2011 Slater formally won eleventh ASP world title in Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco, through getting win in his fourth round heat. Having brought up in Florida, he was never really contented in surfs of consequence till a trip held to Oahu in year 1997.

A big Northwest based swell was beating the coast, shutting down breaks from Waimea towards Sunset. He ride to Makaha, the place here he was hailed through 40′ (as per Hawaiian scale) waves broking over bay. He parked as well as observed legendary charger named Brandon “Big Wave” Davis buffing up 11′ gun.

Slater factually as well as exclusively jockeyed Channel Islands Surfboards prepared with his personal signature succession of FCS fin masons. Perhaps his extreme business achievement was opening of Slater’s Wave Pool, known as a ten year ‘experiment’ to make a perfect inland based wave, located in internal California. This corresponding project was actually an achievement as well as the surfing world was busy through the potentials, mainly because of wave’s perfect speed and shape.

Net Worth of Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater is globally recognised as an American based professional surfer earning net worth of $25 million. He exceeded Australian based surfer named Mark Richards in order to become the greatest successful champion ever in history of this sport upon by winning his fifth world title in year 1997.

Also, you can say he is rich as in year 2007 he turned as all-time leader inside career event based wins after winning Boost Mobile Pro based event held at Lower Trestles around San Clemente, located in California. He had been funded since year 1990 chiefly by surfwear industry personality named Quiksilver till his latest parting in year 2014 to work collectively with fashion brand firm named Kering. Presently, he is known as the only world tour based surfer to contend in absence of a major clothing sponsor.

Competitive talents as well as unique style of surfing supported Kelly Slater to reach a position where he stands today. He has won corresponding championships and titles throughout 1990s and from 2000s till date.