Kayla Itsines Net Worth 2018

Who is Kayla Itsines and what is her net worth 2018? She is an author, personal trainer, entrepreneur and according to Time magazine one of the 30 most influential internet celebrities. Kayla Itsines has the amazing capability of leveraging social media for brand promotion and her ever growing cult of more than 13 million combined followers on Instagram and Facebook are a testament to that.

Early Life

On 21st May 1991 in Adelaide, Australia, Itsines was born to Anna and Jim Itsines, both teachers by profession. Her younger sister is a personal trainer herself. Abandoning her plans to become a beauty therapist, Kayla graduated from the Australian Institute of Fitness as a Master Trainer.

Kayla Itsines Net Worth

While being a fitness trainer Kayla had no clue of becoming an internet sensation. But when she became one it was her boyfriend, Tobi Pearce (a fellow personal trainer and boot camp business owner himself) who helped her to capitalise on the opportunity. Since 2013 she has been living with Pearce and both are growing a massive empire riding on the fitness business.

Net Worth of Kayla Itsines

Itsines has witnessed an insane growth rate for her company and along with fiance Tobi Pearce has made a mountain of fortune for them. Itsines have an estimated net worth of around $2.2 million. That amazing figure only seems to be growing for Kayla. She has signed lucrative deals with big brands and earns from her endorsements with Apple and Adidas. She even adds to her net worth with world tours like the “Kayla Itsines Bootcamp World Tour” where she has training sessions with thousands of fans. While starting her career in Instagram, she did not even know what “followers” are and how can they make a successful popularity.

Itsines is part of the select few new age individuals who have created an empire riding on social media platforms. She transformed her passion project which started on Instagram to a multi-million dollar company, The Bikini Body. Along with her Bikini Body Guide and extensive diet and nutrition plans which come with a website subscription; Kayla even earns from her smartphone app, “Sweat with Kayla” which offers the same amenities as the site. In 2016 her app generated humongous revenue which was highest of any fitness app on the market that year.

Kayla has a cult following and an armada of women on social media for a reason. From HIIT to power workouts and post workout stretches, she has got everything which is bound to suit someone or the other. Some of her best exercises are listed below:

• Split squats –With both feet on the floor, lower your knees slightly and propel your body upwards through the air. Land with a wide squat position by repositioning your legs. Bend your upper legs parallel to the floor and maintain an angle of 45 to 90 degree between your back and hips. Propel your body upwards and land in a neutral position by repositioning legs. Repeat the process till a complete set in achieved.

• Commandos – This involves alternating powerful forearm hand and shoulder movements with the plank position.
• Ab bikes –This involves rapid and alternating movements of the legs and abs while lying on the floor in an arch position.

Kayla along with creating a massive empire often likes to give back to the community. Recently she reached out to her massive fifteen million cult followers for her “I Am Breast Cancer Aware” campaign. She partnered up with National Breast Cancer Foundation (an organisation which has raised over $127 million for research projects on breast cancer since its inception) and The McGrath Foundation for reason for $100,000 to fight against breast cancer.

Tobi and Kayla have been dating for quite some time but recently “the fitness queen’s” boyfriend is arrested for reckless driving. It has also been reported Tobi was also caught red-handed with the prescription drugs. If all the charges are proved against him then the millionaire may face 2 years in jail and a year driving fan. But she is staying strong in this situation and now, moving on with her work. Recently, she unveiled her full body workout routine in an interview.

The creator of The Bikini Body also gave the best workout tips to the ladies in her recent post. For the women who love to pretty, Kayla had found the ultimate solution. She shared her secret tips about “’how to look pretty during workouts without wearing makeup”. Kayla seems to a blessing for all the ladies who are trying hard to be in shape. Kayla is creating new routines every time for attracting all sorts of audiences. Way to Go with ‘The Bikini Body’ Lady.