Jen Widerstrom Net Worth

Who is Jen Widerstrom? What is net worth of Jen Widerstrom? On august 24, 1982 an exceptional fitness trainer was born. Jennifer Widerstrom, popularly known as Jen Widerstrom was born in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA. She is 34 years of age and has an exquisite figure. Her family had suffered from obesity for long and this encouraged her to enter the fitness business. She is fitness savvy. When she was young she was strongly inspired by personalities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu.

Jennifer works for many companies and sites. She is a fitness trainer and her profession makes her forever young and approachable. She is a life coach for, the lead female trainer for the InterContinental Hotel Group’s brand new Even wellness line. Along with this, she is a fitness expert or trainer for

Jen Widerstrom Net Worth 2017-2018

She had attained her degree in sports administration from Kansan university. Her love for providing people a healthy lifestyle and encouraging them to have one was bubbling since her childhood.

She has been certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine. Here basic forte is cardio performance and balance training. She has also acquired Master Trainer for Dynamax Medicine Balls. She is a Crossfit Level 1 certified.
She appears as a trainer on the American Version of The Biggest Loser. She has also appeared as the female gladiator for the second season of American Gladiators.

Jen Widerstrom Net Worth

The net worth of Jen Widerstrom as per 2017 is calculated as $3 million. Jennifer has an extremely toned and awe-inspiring body. Many have marveled at the freshly cut and chic abs she has. They money she owns finds good flow through flaunting her fitness and body.

Her passion for fitness is also her business. She has many workout DVDs to her credit. People who can spend money on their fitness and classy looks can hire her as her fitness trainer.

Many magazines have been blessed by her ravishing body on their covers. Magazines like. Health, Oxygen etc. has made her their issue girl many times. The shows she does and her activity in filmography are also a steady flow of income for her. Her yearly salary is $700000.

Jen’s DVD’s are available in the market. If you want toned legs and a nice butt, practice the given exercises two or three times a week, so says the cover advertisement of the DVD. She has her own site, with the name, where you can connect with her diet schedules and plane at any instant from around the world. Various works out routines and exercises are well listed on the site.

She is an extremely social person. She is always in contact with her fans and lovers. She regularly posts diet plans, exercise routines etc. she is quite active on social media platforms. Most of the times her pictures are of her extremely well-toned body.

Millions of people are inspired each day. Her posts get thousands of like and comments. She has continuously fought against body shaming and helped people to gain confidence through her story. She has been rightly glorified by being called one of the sexiest people in the fitness industry.

Jen has actively volunteered to work with children in orphanages and schools in African countries like Kenya, Rwanda etc. she has helped many students to gain knowledge about the value health hold in our lives. She is also an active participant of the Goodwill Military Tours for all the troops stationed in Iraq and south East Asian countries.

Through her active participation in public life, she has achieved a well-known liking. She teaches people about the norms of health nutrition, mental as well as physical exertion and well-being.

She holds the view that the secret to any kind of success depends on your personality. She actively advises on the merits of being happy and having happy fitness routines. Jen has been on tours many times in her life.

For her, it is a way to meet people and inspire them. According to her no matter what personality type you have, all people can come together for a healthy lifestyle. For her, therapy starts at home.

Jennifer Widerstrom is the view that “when it comes to your diet and lifestyle, personality is everything’.