Jason Belmonte Net Worth 2018

Who is Jason Belmonte and what is his net worth 2018? Jason Belmonte is a popular Ten Pin bowler. He was born on 29 July 1983. He is an Australian by nationality. He is basically from Orange, New South Wales, Australia. He became a professional player or pro when he started his career in PBA, United States. He also appeared for other international circuits and tours which made him popular all over the world.

He was the discoverer of a special style in Ten Pin bowling and it was popularly known as two-handed “shovel” style and this made him popular in the entire world grabbing media’s attention. Presently, he is having a successful marriage life with her spouse Kimberly. They have 3 children which include a son and two daughters. His son was born in 2012 and they named him Hugo. His first daughter was born in 2009 and they named her Alia while his second daughter was named as Sylvie who was born in last year’s January.

Jason Belmonte Net Worth

Education: Jason Belmonte has always been a good Pin bowler since his childhood. He completed his schooling from a local high school which was situated in his hometown and its name was Kinross Wolaroi School. Jason Belmonte father was not financially good to reach out his dreams so, he opened the Orange Ten Pin Bow where Jason worked as a Toddler and learned bowling skills.

He used to practice there every day and when he was only 9 years old he started to practice bowling and you can only imagine how difficult it is for a 9-year-old kid to lift such heavy ball but yet he gave upon all excuses and sheer hard work made him be a successful bowling player today.

Net Worth of Jason Belmonte

Jason Belmonte is one of the richest Australian tenpin bowlers. His net worth is estimated around $1 million. He also appeared for his nation in commonwealth games and even in the Olympics which got a good wealth for him.

Jason Belmonte has a couple of expensive assets. Jason Belmonte possesses a luxury house at his hometown where he lives with his family. Few of the assets that he possesses are presented to him as gifts by sponsors like Storm, Cloud Construct, High 5 gear, Dexter, and turbo. This bowling champ is more likely to add few more assets to his possession as his market will be increased in coming years. He also has luxury cars that are worth of thousand of dollars and also owns few expensive gifts like watches and other merchandises.

Jason Belmonte income is through is bowling career. Most of the wealth he has captured is through his career. He was involved in few of the brand endorsements but still, those are not quite to highlight in his income. He also owns the website which goes by the domain name www.jasonbelmonte.com/, which is the official website of Jason Belmonte. The website contains his merchandises which have been used by him. It included bowling bowls, sneakers, tee shirts and others. The website contains all kind of information about the player including the tours and his social activities. His website is yet another source of his income through ads and digital marketing.

Career: Here is the list of leagues where he spent his career

1) Initially, he started as an amateur bowler at his club
2) He played in AMF WORLD CUP
3) PBA Tour 2008-2009
4) PBA Tour player of the year
5) PBA Tour rookie of the year
6) PBA Tour Player of the Year Three-Peat

Jason Belmonte is one of the legends that will spread the bowling game in the entire world and Jason Belmonte has been the reason behind the success of the sport. He has taken this sports to a new level and every bowling fan admires his bowling skills.