Jamie O’Brien Net Worth 2019

Who is Jamie O’Brien and what is his net worth 2019? Acrobatic surfer James Duncan “Jamie” O’Brien was born on June 9, 1983, on the Northern Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. He became the winner of the 2004th Pipeline Masters. He considered a leading figure among a small but popular group, which was a corporate-paid, anti-surf-establishment pros. He was named by the magazine ‘Surfer’ as one of the top five free-surfers, in 2003 in the world. He was raised up in a beachfront house which is situated at Pipeline. His father was a lifeguard, due to which he began surfing at the tender age of three.

He was always under the guidance of his father. He had a godfather as well, who is famous with the name of the big-wave rider, he is none other than “Darrick Doerner”. O’Brien’s father became his manager and started handling the career of his son when he began riding Pipeline as a pre-teen. At the age of 16, the wiry blond regular footer Jamie was introduced in an Australia’s Surfing Life article. He got a place in the article as one of three most hard-charging “Pipe Groms,” and his fellow haole-Hawaiians were Jamie Sterling and Mark Healey.

Jamie O’Brien Net Worth

O’Brien finished his Menehune division as runner-up and the prodigiously talented surfer got a place in the 1995 and 1996 United States Surfing Championships. He also took part in the World Junior Championships held in 1999, where he got the fourth position, whereas the following year he stood third. He earned his reputation an inventive and fearless person in Pipeline.

He also tried virtual tube section and launched an aerial, a place where other pros look up for a safe exit. He got injured very badly twice in his starting career as he was trying hard-charging style at Backdoor and Pipeline. In 2003, the year when he got the real success of his life, he beat Bruce Irons and won the 2003 Hansen’s Energy Pipeline Pro, and that was his start to beat the most renowned names of surfing such as Irons, Sunny Garcia, and Kalani Robb as well. After that, he won the title of Pipeline Masters.

Education: There is no such description provided about his education as he got involved in surfing at the age of three because he was brought up in Hawaii at the paradise of surfing.

Net Worth of Jamie O’Brien

Jamie O’Brien is considered as one of the most talented surfers in the world. He has a lot of endorsement deals in his kitty. O’Brien has made himself a good fortune with his deadly favourite sport. His total net worth is $1.5 million. If we consider his success story then he belongs to Hawaii, an island state which is believed to be a paradise for surfers.

So his career started getting shape from his birth as his destiny reformed for him. His net worth does not get originated only prizes and endorsement deals. He is so much fascinated with surfing that he produced two movies about it. He played a role in Hollywood’s “Blue Crush”. He also runs a YouTube show named as “Who is J.O.B”.

A handful of residential properties is nestled among the imposing surf houses. His beach house is used as a serving headquarter of Red Bull. The house is a great attraction for surfing lovers and Jamie’s fans.

Jamie has a list of sponsors which include “Nectar Sunglasses and Red Bull”. Red Bull has equipped his beach house with awning, bar tables, and beach umbrella. Even, they have a custom-built Jacuzzi in his beach house. His YouTube show is also produced by Red Bull.

Jamie always catches media attention for his breathtaking dangerous stunts of surfing. He once did surfing with burning wetsuit and he was literally in flames while surfing. He is considered as a crazy guy, who always does stunts to create interest in surfing.

The youngest surfer to ever won a Pipe Masters. He recasts himself as a free surfer because he is of rebellious nature. He has a flame throwing account on Twitter. He showed a blunt sense of humour in his shows and tapped into a long-standing ambivalence. He won legions of fans, but he also faced detractors as well.