Greg O’Gallagher Net Worth 2019

Who is Greg O’Gallagher and what is his net worth 2019? Greg O’ Gallagher is a fitness freak, wellness mentor and a renowned social media personality. He is the creator of Kinobody, which is a brand of fitness coaching. He even operates his own YouTube channel and posts workout videos, fitness advises and motivational videos. Greg is training legion of people to get fit and robust body. People looking to get fitter can follow his training to get the figure they had always dreamt of.

Early Life

Greg O’ Gallagher was born on 22nd September 1986 in Canada. His father Michael Gallagher raised him along with his brother. When he was 6 he used to idolise tons of action figures and wanted to have body like them. The thought of building a downright incredible physique instilled in him. He wanted to be powerful and strong akin to the action figures. When he was 9 years old, his father bought an adjustable dumbbell set and he somehow convinced his father to let him use that. He began working out since then with 10lbs of dumbbells and was fascinated by it.

Greg O’Gallagher Net Worth

Later on at the age of 13 he asked his mother to give him workout program as Christmas present. He was then totally absorbed in developing a sound physique by working out each day. When he turned 15 he purchased a personal training book and browsed each and every fitness site to get his insights on workouts and fitness. He amassed a lot of fitness knowledge and wanted to share it with others.

He had an urge to assist individuals in getting fitter body and that made him start a YouTube channel, which even got good response. However since he was bashful and inexperienced at that time, he could not endure it and closed it down. A famous school boy- Greg, was approached by his schoolmates to get training and workout with him. Greg’s captivation turned into passion and he loved training and advising others to get a perfectly toned body.

When he turned 18 he had a choice to make betwixt his passion and studies. He chose to carve his own path following his passion and left his University education. It is from then that he started his personal training business and started earning money.

Post a year he went to Los Angeles, worked there in a gym and started working on his vision. He collaborated with his mentor Rusty Moore and registered a domain: He started sharing his fitness videos and inspiring the masses. He even created Kinobody YouTube channel on 9th June 2006 and posted his very first video on 15th November 2009.

On his personal front-Greg is neither married nor is dating anyone. However he spends his free time with his best friend Annie. Matt Ogus, a social media fitness expert is his good friend. The two share common profession and thus get along quite well.

Net Worth of Greg O’Gallagher

Gallagher is a self made man and is an epitome of success. His YouTube channel and his Kinobody website fetches him a large fragment of his revenues. Apart from that he is also a personal trainer and trains people to shape up their body. His profession has fetched him such an incredible income that is hard to believe. Greg O’Gallagher has a net worth of $1 million.

Greg is an illustrious and plush celebrity. He has a collection of luxury cars and his favourite out of the lot is his white colored Lamborghini. Whenever he gets free time he goes for a long drive with his friend Annie in his Lamborghini. He owns a lavish house in Ontario, Canada.

Greg is indeed an accomplished Businessman. He is his own proprietor and works according to his will. He looks after his YouTube channel and Kinobody website.

His YouTube channel is flooded with fitness videos for interested people. Kinobody is a website offering users with tons of fitness programs including- Bodyweight Mastery Program, Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0, Goddess Toning Program. The user can opt for any program and kick start his journey towards becoming a fitter individual. Kinobody is a very well known brand and has a lot of customers. Greg has earned a substantial amount of money-all thanks to his channel and website.

Greg O’ Gallagher is a fitness mentor. His passion and dilligency fetched him enormous success. He made people to believe that fitness is metaphor of life. He earns considerable amount of money and is indeed an opulent celebrity. His net worth is around $800,000 and he owns a Lamborghini. He is a spur for those who want to carve their own future and follow their passion.