Martin Piller Net Worth 2019

Who is Martin Piller and what is his net worth 2019? Martin Piller was born on 14th November 1985 in Dallas, Texas. The height of Martin Pillar is about five feet and ten inches. Martin holds three hundred and eighty-fourth ranks in the ranking system of official World Golf ranking. So far Martin has played a total of forty-seven events in his golf career (2016). Martin Pillar played his first professional set in 2008 competing at Texas State Open which kicks started his career.

Martin did face a lot of ups and down in his professional life, but he made a good net worth with his exceptional play at various competing tournaments. Martin married Gerina Mendoza a fellow golfer in the year 2011. Gerina too is a professional golf player. They started dating one another in the year 2009. At that time Gerina was a PGA rookie on the LPGA Tour. After a year, the couple got engaged in August 2010. The couple got married in the year 2011.

Martin Piller Net Worth

Gerina wife of Martin Pillar holds no.3 on the Duramed FUTURES Tours’ money list with six of top ten finishes; Martin holds no.3 on the Nationwide Tour’s money list with five top ten and two 2010 tournament wins. The couple shares a similar dream of getting to the top though from two different professional golf tours. Martin Pillar the professional golfer well known as a PGA Tour competitor and former Tour player. Martin Pillar is married to a fellow golf player Gerina Piller

Education: Martin graduated from the Texas A&M University with a degree in agriculture.

Net Worth of Martin Piller

Martin Pillar’s net worth is estimated at about $1.5 million. Martin Pillar life wasn’t easy he did face a lot of difficulties and failures. At one point of time, Martin even thought of quitting the career of playing golf. The year of 2012 and 2013 Martin suffered a lot of failures which made him think so. But determination and positive attitude helped Martin not to change his stance and love for golf.

Martin so far has five Tour titles to his winning streak from the year 2010 to 2015, which is commendable. Amongst Martin’s latest wins he fared well at the Digital Ally Open in August 2015. Martin had a good success rate in the year 2016 as well continuing his previous year success. At the Valero-Texas open Martin stood fourth. As per the recent media reports, Martin has made more than $1 million from the Tour and more than $780 thousand from the PGA tour.

The success from Tour, as well as the performances at the PGA tours, has immensely enriched Pillar’s wealth and net worth. The earnings from PGA Tour at about $781000 came mostly in the year 2011. Martin Pillar had made the cut in seven tournaments, which includes one top twenty-five finish, which alone enabled Pillar to earn $141000. In the year 2016, Pillar made three of top twenty-five finishes and two top ten finishes, it earned Piller over $570,000.

Martin Pillar, however, had great success from the Tour, it is evident Martin made more money out of his performances there. Martin had five first-place finishes, one second-place finish, one third-place finish, fourteen top ten finishes and twenty-seven top twenty-five finishes. These successes helped Martin to earn over $1000000 from the Tour alone.

In the year 2015, Martin and his wife Gerina planned and hosted a fellowship retreat for the women college golfers. The fellowship is one of a kind started by the couple; it is for women golfers only. About thirty women golfers from the different university of Texas participated in the retreat organised by the Pillar couple. The retreat was a huge success as the golf-couple had conceived about it. The Pillar couple is planning to hold it again very soon.

Golf being a staple part of Martin’s life has won numerous wins and championships. Martin is a professional golfer playing the best golf of his career at the moment. Striving to strike a balance between professional and personal life (as Martin’s wife Gerina too is a golf player and both play for a different tour) has come a long way. In the 2016 FedEx Cup Martin holds a No. 162 rank which is commendable. Having several winning titles to Martin’s name and a fellowship to promote women’s college team with the support of wife Gerina; Martin has some definite plans ahead.