John Daly Net Worth 2018

Who is John Daly and what is his net worth 2018? John Daly is an eminent American golfer who is also known by the name Long John. Besides being a golfer, John is also an eminent personality in the world of media because of his appearance which is totally a different one from the ordinary country club appearance. Another most important reason behind the popularity of John is his nature of personal life which has been declared as rough and rugged by many.

Early Life

John Daly was born on the 28th of April, 1966 at Carmichael, a place in California. His father’s name is Jim and mother’s name is Lou. John is the third child and he has one elder brother and one elder sister. Jim used to work at a nuclear power station and mostly remained out of the house. As such, the trio felt the absence of their father and did everything of their own.

John Daly Net Worth

John was gifted with two golf clubs by his father at the age of four. This made John submerged in the sports world and he even got addicted. Gradually, his interest in golf increased and he started spending quite a long time at a local layout. Although he had a keen interest in baseball and soccer, yet the passion for golf was more than the other two.

John’s personal life was not a normal one. His father was a habitual drunkard and as such abused everyone. John even got addicted to the same and had to face severe harsh consequences for this type of behavior. But at last, he became successful in overcoming the urge for alcohol. Then arose yet another problem. In the year 2009, he started suffering from acute obesity and underwent surgeries for the removal of excess fat from his body.

He developed some excellent habits and gave up liquor consumption and junk food consumption. This really had a good impact on his health and he was successful in the shedding of some excess pounds of his body weight. He had faced obstacles in his conjugal life even. Although he got married for four times, yet not a single one matured. There were consecutive breakups and all these happened for his rude behaviour.


John had his initial professional career as an amateur golf player. Being a participant of the US Open, he performed poorly as everybody had expected him to do so. The next year i.e. in the year 1987 he became victorious at the Missouri Open and became a fully professional one. The rise in his professional career began when John displayed his great skill at the Ben Hogan Utah Classic and won that. At the PGA Championship, he displayed his various styles of swings and hooks and came to the attention of the media.

He finally won it in spite of being new in the event. The winning streak of John Daly went on till 1994 when he got suspended from the PGA tour because of his indulgence in alcoholism. In the year 1995, John again gained the second major when the British Open took place. But his normal game got affected because of the ruggedness in his personal life. Once again he revived from all the bad habits and won at the Buick International game.

In the year 1991, John won the PGA championship. In the same year, he was also titled as the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year. The following year he won B.C. Open. In the year 1994, he again won the BellSouth Classic. Thereafter, John Daly won the British Open.

Net Worth of John Daly

The estimated net worth of the American golfer is around $23 million. This amount came from the earnings during the period of 1989 to 2014. He is even famous for his involvement in the gambling activities. Records reveal that he has earned nearly $40 million from gambling but even lost a lump sum amount in this business. His gambling life with his four divorces lowered his income to $40000 monthly.

Being one of the most talented golf players, he is also known for the issues of his life. In spite of all, he has successfully won the two majors along with the win worth mentioning in his fifties.